Gooners - Play Fantasy T*tt*nh*m Chairman

Well, it was another sorry night in North London last night with the T*ttenh*m Army left disappointed again when their expensively assembled side recorded their third defeat in four Premiership matches.

It’s all SO predictable, isn’t it?

Poor old T*tt*nh*am – yet another summer of crowing that they would usurp the red and white half of North London, they’ve now had their worst start in 35 years and worst in the Premiership.

Poor old D*vid B*ntley, who saw his place in the England team taken by Theo Walcott and couldn’t even make the starting XI for his club team last night. That'll teach him.

And to make it worse, after their despicable treatment of former coach Martin Jol, the Dutchman must have a wry smile on his face this morning after noting that not only was his Premiership record better than that of Juande Ramos, but that his current team, Hamburg, happen to be sitting pretty at the top of the Bundesliga.

So, what better excuse than to play Fantasy Daniel Levy and help our poor cousins out of their stupor.