Arsenal begin preparations in earnest for their 2008/09 season over the next few days. The traditional friendly with Barnet kicks off tomorrow, while the annual trip to Austria next week coincides with the club's biggest stars returning to training.

For us fans, the preparation also begins. Addicts like myself plan our holidays around the team's fixture list and if, God fobid, I find myself travelling overseas when the Gunners are playing, I spend way too many hours trying to figure out if I can watch the live coverage somewhere.

But being a season ticket holder, I'm inifintely more privileged than a lot of fans, so in order to pay tribute to some of the club's most loyal Gooners, we at Arsenal Addict are on the hunt for some record breaking fans.

Maybe you're a research scientist working in the Antarctic. Or you could be a submariner. Or perhaps you've formed an Arsenal supporters club on an offshore oil rig.

We're looking for all kinds of record breaking - or just plain unusual - Arsenal fans, so if you fall into that category, or you know someone that does, please use our 'Contact' section to get in touch and let us know.

The categories are as open as your imagination - most northerly based, most southerly based, highest altitude, lowest altitude, closest to the equator, most remote, tallest, shortest, oldest - you name it, we're looking for it.

And if you can supply a photo of yourself - or your nominated record breaker - we'll add it to the Great Gooners Gallery as the names start to roll in.

Get your thinking caps on and we'll keep you posted as the nominations appear.