Has Wenger gone mad or is there a method to his madness?

By Avenell Dave

Twitter can be a horrible place for an Arsenal fan.

It's like being squeamish and yet sitting watching public tortures and executions.

No wonder some of the more astute yet passionate Addicts have quit until the start of February as speculation and frustration turn Twitter into a lunatics' asylum.

We are all desperate for signings.

We all want the club to focus on bringing in quality players, not profits and with each passing day that nothing happens, coupled with just one point from nine, makes the natives more restless.

I'd like to see three players come in and I have to hope that shifting Chamakh and Djourou has freed up spaces and wage funds to make this more likely.

If only AA23 and Squillaci had the professional desire to play more rather than simply pick up their wages and see out their contracts. They cannot leave fast enough in my opinion.

We have a threadbare squad that is not strong enough to compete for the title even when everyone is fit.

We have some raw youngsters, like Oxlade Chamberlain, Jenkinson, Gibbs, even Ramsey and Wilshere who have a long way to go until they reach their peak and while I'm not obsessed about having a British core, having a group who are all signed up and hopefully committed should provide a strong platform for the future.

Of course, us Addicts have lost count of the number of times we've been promised the future.

We need the here and now to get better and if that means coupling our young talent with seasoned, expensive, world class internationals, that's what Arsene Wenger has to do.

Let's not forget that awhether you rate them or not, all three of the big players he signed last summer are what you would describe as seasoned internationals.

We just need more of them. World class players or those who can quickly establish themsleves as such.

Does Wenger have a plan? You'd like to think so. You'd like to think that the club has a strategy and just doesn't feel like sharing it with us. Time will tell.

At least losing to the Ch*vs has prompted Le Boss to question the quality of the squad which should hopefully make him realise if he needed a reminder that it needs strengthening as well and kicking the team up the arse.

West Ham inflicted our first defeat at the Emirates, I think and while we must win to catch up with the top four, they aren't going to be a walkover.

For me it's vital that Carl Jenkinson comes back into the side.

He may not be world class yet but Bacary Sagna's standards have slipped considerably this season and it is time to at least give him a rest.

Is that down to his failure to properly recover from two broken legs last season? Or is it his wish for a move given his comments criticising the club for selling players in the summer?

Either way, Jenkinson is for me the long term solution and he's already shown this season that he has what it takes to play at a high level.

Other than that, it sounds as if Abou Diaby is knackered and Francis Coquelin is injured, so I'd like to see Aaron Ramsey come in and sit in one of the defensive midfield roles with...Emmanuel Frimpong alongside him.

The King of Dench, he seems to piss a lot of fans off because of his sometimes stupid updates on Twitter but for me, he is the kind of player we need and I'd love to see him get some games.

He tries to gee up the fans, he is strong in the tackle and can pass the ball and despite being a bit naive at times, that comes with experience. I wonder if Wenger fancies him but I'd love to see him given a chance this evening.

We have to get three points. I'd love it to be easy. But it's a game against a Fat Sam side and they're rarely ever straightforward. 

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