Why are we all so worried about Chelsea?

By Avenell Dave

I was explaining to a fellow Addict on Tuesday night that when the chips are down, Arsenal usually come out fighting.

I recall us being hammered at home in the League Cup many years ago when Lee Sharpe scored a hat-trick for M*nure in a 6-2 win at Highbury.

It was one of the most depressing evenings for a Gooner, coming on home turf, even if it was the League Cup.

The following Sunday, we had to play Liverpool, who were the dominant team of the time, and we won 3-0, setting us on the way to the title.

Saturday's defeat against Sunderland told us many things, in particular that we don't have the same capabilities as the Ch*vs and M*nure to win ugly when the side is playing badly.

Sure, they have lost against Wigan and Burnley respectively, but their financial resources give them a far greater strength in depth than we have.

Can Denilson, Carlos Vela, Armand Traore or even Aaron Ramsey be relied upon in the heat of battle?

They're all good prospects with the capacity to become great players, but the fact that opinion on one or all of them is so divided - and you Addicts have expressed such diverse opinions about them in the comments section - underlines the fact that the jury is out.

Buying top top class players who are at their peak or close to that level is what Ch*vski have done more than anyone else in recent years - including M*nure.

Nic Anelka seems to have found himself a club where he is happy and settled and the team has goals written all over it.

A defence as easily penetrated as Arsenal's will offer rich pickings to the Ch*v defence, but all is not lost.

Even with Didier Diver and Fat Frank returning, the Ch*vs can be beaten and we should think about worrying them, rather than worry about what they might do to us.

Petr Cech has never been the same since he was hit in the head and started wearing a cycling helmet and we MUST shoot on site.

Cesc Fabregas will be so up for this and as long as he gets some protection from the referee, he can pull our vistors apart - and with Jose Bosingwa absent, Andrey Arshavin should assert himself and show the watching world what a great player he can be.

Who will score the goals? They've been pretty evenly spread so far this season, but I'd love to see Eduardo given another chance to show what he can do. We know he is quality but he seems to have lost his mojo. What a game to get it back again!

Us Gooners have always tended to be a pessimistic bunch - but this is the time to get behind the team more than ever.

A win will do us the world of good on so many levels - so let's make ourselves the 12th man and sing our hearts out on Sunday - too many people were too quiet on Tuesday!

I for one am fed up of being a lone voice of support in the stands while so many keep quiet and grumble around me, thinking of their half-time or post-match bevvie.