Just WHAT are you playing at, Cesc???‏

By Avenell Dave
Two years ago I was filled with immense pride when Cesc Fabregas lifted the EURO 2008 trophy.
Part of a scintillating Spain team, he forced his way into the side and fully deserved his success.
Fast forward two years and while he made a difference when he came off the bench in the World Cup final, his assist for the winning goal had none of the same resonance for me.
My only regret was that he didn't score one of his earlier chances, which would at least have justified the price Arsenal have in mind when they finally do sell him.
After all the mischievous, childish sh*t stirring by the Barca board and half the Spanish team, I wanted nothing more than to see Holland win, even if their limitations made the game less than a spectacle.
The sight of hyena-like Xavi, player of the tournament but still a prat in my opinion, smiling and cheering when the team got back to Spain yesterday, was the second worst image I saw yesterday.
It may have been a prank by Barca players, but for Cesc to allow his Spain team mates to put a Barca shirt on him strikes me as a terrible act of treachery (click here for photo).
Even non-playing keeper Pepe Reina called Cesc the future of Barcelona on camera. Clearly Spaniards have no respect and they've certainly lost mine.
Of course, Cesc is still a young kid and impetuous acts can be expected.
But the Arsenal captain, yes that's right, the symbol of our club and supposed leader on and off the field, has always come across as far more mature than his tender years.
There are those suggesting yesterday that anyone planning to boo Cesc next season is an idiot. I agree.
While I can't see him staying - and if he does, it will be for only one more season and under duress - of course I will want him to do well and perhaps even win something with the Gunners.
Barca have been very cute, making it clear how skint they now are to push the price down while letting their players make Cesc's statements for him.
There are those who say that Cesc has said nothing in the slightest bit derogatory about Arsenal and they're right.
But if you want to delude yourselves that his father's quotes are made up, that the Barca players saying he has told them that he wants to join them are lying, well, keep deluding yourselves if it makes you feel better.
Any player, but particularly our captain, MUST be totally committed to the club in the long term. Just as us fans are.
if Cesc really does want to stay, he can make a statement committing himself to Arsenal, confirming that he wants to complete and perhaps even extend his Arsenal contract.
Instead, we'll get silence or ambiguous non-committal answers or comments and that's not good enough.
He said yesterday that he was 'really proud to have been an Arsenal player'. Past tense.
Cesc is one of the best players in the world but the other two to rival his talent already play for Barca.
He'll probably get a few games but won't feature as much as he does for Arsenal.
That said, I don't blame him in some respects while our investment in new talent still leaves a lot to be desired.
I truly believe we've seen the last of Cesc at Arsenal.
 Just do the right thing, Cesc, and put us all out of our misery by telling us what you plan to do.