Does it really matter who runs Arsenal?

When I had a look at the news headlines last night and saw that there had been boardroom departures at Arsenal, I automatically thought of Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith, who for some time has been seen as the weakest link in the boardroom lockdown agreement.

I’m surprised Sir Richard Carr has left as well, though it’s clear from the club’s statements that Lady Bracewell-Smith’s departure was less than harmonious.

The fact that she has left the boards of the Club and Arsenal Holdings suggests that she has had a fall-out with the rest of the board, which may have happened during the board meeting conducted at Emirates last Thursday.

Remember, she was taken on through her husband’s family’s association with the club rather than any deep-rooted passion for the Club herself.

If Lady Nina sells her shares, the chances are that unless she is put under huge pressure from her husband’s family, she will do what any businesswoman would do and sell to the highest bidder.

That is likely to be Alisher Usmanov, who will then be able to launch an official takeover of the club and almost certainly take a place on the board: with Lady Nina’s shares Usmanov will have more than the 30% required...

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