The soloution to turgid international breaks

By Avenell Dave

I don't know about you but all the excitement about Engerlund and whether Shrek is fit or David James should be number one pases me by.

Who cares?

Can the fan of any team, who lives and breathes their club, really set aside rivalries and passion towards players who for 95% of the year we absolutely despise?

I think the World Cup is a great festival of football but the British Bulldog thugs that come out of the woodwork when the national team plays make my skin crawl.

But more importantly, all these international breaks are so disruptive.

Players can get injured, the momentum teams have built up is interrupted and us fans have to sit around twiddling our thumbs for two weeks while we wait for the proper competition to begin again.

It's like watching a really great film and being constantly bombarded by commercials which break the flow of the entertainment.

Of course, advertising is essential to pay for wages and other aspects of sport and entertainment, but international football??

But there is a solution, of course.

Why not start the season later, say at the start of September, and let the international teams use August as a time to prepare and play all their qualifying matches.

That would mean the international coaches can have an extended time with their teams, the fans get almost a mini World Cup to enjoy with tangible qualification or not at the end of it and us proper fans (!) don't have all these interruptions during the domestic season.

One weekend could then be set aside for play-offs around Christmas to deal with that problem, but we would also have the relief of not worrying whether half our key players were going to miss  matches due to something other than putting in their all for Arsenal.

And while we're on the subject, I don't care about the weather or the fact that it helps us more now we've sold Kolo and Ad*b*y*r but move the African Nations Cup to the summer as well!

Only five days to go, Addicts.