Arsenal fans should accept that our season is now over

By Avenell Dave

"I must say we've blown it now. That draw feels like a defeat. The fans have a right to boo - if we can't beat that crap United side and only take one point from six, we won;t win the league.

"Why we didn't spend £70 million on a new striker and a winger is beyond me. The season is only going to go one way now and that's down."

That was the opinion I was greeted with as I got in a cab last night, proudly adorning y red scarf (absolutely NOT black) and it was pretty much what I gathered from most who were commenting on twitter.

To say I was shocked by such complaints is an understatement.

We all know that however bad United are playing, they always turn up against us and the fact that they brought in a clogging midfielder in place of Januzaj spoke volumes about their intent.

Yes we were sheepish, yes we could have been a goal down in the opening minute after a mistake by Mikel Arteta let in RvP and yes both sides had chances to win what was otherwise a poor game.

You could certainly argue that many of our players looked tired.

Olivier Giroud and Jack Wilshere in particular worked hard but don't seem to be getting the breaks at present and perhaps a rest would be a good thing.

Some people suggest we need a bigger squad and there is an argument for that, but equally, some teams in the past have been successful by working as a tight knit group.

Yes, Giroud has his limitations and signing a crocked Kallstrom is not idea, but it is what it is people...booing the team when they're one point off the top of the table and lamenting what we don't have is not helping anyone.

Few have pointed out that Mesut Ozil had a fine game but it's clear that what he needs more than anything is a striker with mobility and pace for him to thread balls through to. Giroud is not that type of player and we cannot lambast him for that.

It would be like complaining that Sergio Aguero is no good in the air or holding the ball up when those are not particularly key elements of his game.

The worst thing about social media and keyboard warriors is that it gives a voice to the irrational and the impatient.

I would loved to have seen us beat United and granted they are a poor side at present.

But equally, regardless of how people want to take Arsene Wenger's post-match remarks, he had a point about how we approached the game.

What happened at Anfield last weekend was an aberration, something that hopefully will not happen again for a very long time.

But it affects the confidence of those involved and actually, NOT conceding was the most important thing last night, regardless of who we were playing.

Yes, it would have been great to take advantage of Chelsea's slip-up against WBA but I still feel a point was not a bad result.

There is so much football to be played and I have no reason to believe that the sides around us will win every single game as we did on the way to the title in 1998.

We are, let us not forget, ONE point off the top of the table. After a few seasons where we fought for the top four, right now, regardless of the doom-mongers who believe we will still finish fifth, things could be a hell of a lot worse. There is still PLENTY to play for.

Time for perspective.