Should Gael Clichy be sold in the summer?

By Avenell Dave

Whenever you go to an away game with Arsenal fans, the chants about C@$l£y C*le are some of the most popular sung by Addicts.

Then there's the chant about him not being as good as Gael Clichy, the current first choice left back, which has always made me laugh.

Thinking of all the left backs Arsenal have had since Arsene Wenger arrived at the club, where would you rate Clichy?

You may hate me for saying it but C*le is the best we have had, possibly ever.

After that, Nigel Winterburn, may not have been as dynamic but he had the steely guts and determination that we needed to intimidate opposition wingers and win the ball whenevr it came in his domain.

Even Silvinho, who may have had a shock when he first arrived in England, had the flair and the nous to impress everyone and it's a shame he left so abruptly.

So it's fair to say that while Clichy may be a fair to middling defender, he's not the best we've had or anything like.

There are rumours that, with his contract up in the summer of 2012, he may be sold this year after refusing to sign a new deal.

To be honest, I thought all our players had been signed up to long term deals but if he has somehow slipped through the net, it's not the end of the world.

There are half a dozen better left backs and we're supposed to be looking at one who plays for Celtic who I've had good reports about.

And when you think of the monumental mistakes Clichy has made over the years, is it really such a big loss to sell him?

The worst in my mind was Birmingham away at the end of the match where Eduardo had his ankle snapped.

Clichy dithered on the ball when a simple hoof out of the ground would have done, recovered too late when a forward nipped the ball off him and gave the referee every excuse to give Brum a penalty.

There are other examples, too many to mention, of course.

And we can also recall the good things he has done such as start the move that led to RvP's goal against Barca recently.

But ask yourself this - does Clichy have the consistency, determination and wit to be part of Arsenal for the long term?

Any look at some of our worst results will show that he played in many of those games, and while he cannot be blamed in entirety, he fades into the background just at the times when he should stand up and be counted on to repel the opposition.