Should Wenger revert to 4-4-2?

By Avenell Dave

As the analysis continues about Saturday's draw, the question of formation rears its head again.

There seems to be a fashion for the 4-3-3 which reverts to 4-5-1 formation of late and many coaches seem to think that is the best way forward, including Arsene Wenger.

You can argue that he is right, given that Jose Mourinho won the Champions League last season with Diego Milito upfront, forcing Samuel Eto'o to play wide on the right; or the fact that so many big teams favour one striker.

Wenger will also point to the fact that when his teams were dominating football, Dennis Bergkamp would play so deep that he was almost a midfielder, simply without the defensive obligations, allowing Ian Wright, Nicolas Anelka or Thierry Henry to feed off his vision.

And now we have Cesc Fabregas in the traditional #10 role, pulling the strings from just behind the striker.

But the problem with the formation is that when Cesc isn't paying, the genius of his vision and passing disappears and with it the potency that we otherwise have.

That makes us predictable and makes it more difficult to break through.

As we saw on Saturday, when Maraoune Chamakh came on, we looked far more threatening and asked far more questions of WBA.

Yes, we can argue that the lack of leaders in the side failed to get us organised and determined enough (as if we should need that!).

We can lament all the absences in the team.

But the fact is, without Cesc, we are way too static and predictable and whether you play Chamakh or Nick Bendtner, having a second striker, particularly one who is good in the air, gives us a different option and makes it harder for defences to hold out.

Even with Theo Walcott still injured, if AA23 plays on the left, Samir Nasri can play on the right allowing Jack Wilshere and one ofther (Song if fit) to work the ball from the centre.

Teams know how we're going to play and having a different option could be the difference between winning and losing this title.

Let's be honest, keeping the ball out of our net is going to be trick with the Spanish waiter in goal, so we have to start scoring more goals and we'd gone a while without one of our own before Arshavin's rocket.

Wenger needs to get everyone believing again. And just a little bit nasty both with opponents and with each other.

The fire isn't in their bellies right now but a couple of good results and the atmosphere could change.

We're still in this title race - M*nure will drop points for sure.

We have to keep believing.