Jack's back but will Arsenal rue taking it easy?

By Avenell Dave

It was too easy, really, wasn't it?

While at 1-0, I was always worrying that one free kick or deflected effort would draw Marseille level, the truth is that they were never really in the game.

Did we take it easy?

Yes probably and that ma not have been the best idea given how easy it was to carve the visitors open and how a couple more goals would have made it even more difficult for Napoli to qualify in the next round.

As it is, we have a battle on our hands when we travel to southern Italy when it would have been nice to take it easy in the final game.

Granted, the chances of us losing by three clear goals even if we play as badly as we did against Manchester United is so unlikely as to not be a worry.

But of course this is Arsenal and we can take nothing for granted.

Napoli beat Dortmund at home and are doing well in Serie A and their fans are among the most vocal in Italy.

I did think when Mesut Ozil was handed the penalty last night that it was a chance to boost his confidence after a dip in form and perhaps the nature of his miss underlines that all is not well.

But as I said on Monday, we can only expect that there will be some teething problems and that eventually he will prove to be the superstar we know he can be.

As far as performances were concerned, three people stood out for me.

On goal Wojciech Szczesny was outstanding, making superb saves.

As one of my neighbours said, it could have been 8-2 but it could just as easily have been 2-2 but when called upon, he made the sort of saves that win games, the saves we have been missing since Jens Lehmann retired.

In midfield, the gang around me joke about Jack Wilshere not being fit.

We don't know how strong his ankles are or  how susceptible to injury he will be in future.

He may well just have growing pains as Steven Gerrard had for instance.

But he has shown in the past couple of games that he has the energy and determination to play at the same level that he did before he was injured on that tour in Asia.

Forget his goals - we know he needs to score more but midfielders should not be judged on goals alone. 

he could be the lynchpin of this side for years to come, an axis with Aaron Ramsey which could be as good as any.

A final mention has to go to Nacho Monreal. He was excellent last night, showing tenacity in defence and strength going forward.

If we didn't have Kieran Gibbs, the Spanish international would be a fine Premier League player and I have no qualms about him playing if Gibbs is unavailable.

A final word for Mathieu Flamini - what a NON STORY. Ridiculous to even bring it up, media people!

We now go to Cardiff and hopefully won;t suffer in the way United did on Sunday.

Come on your Gunners!