Arsenal have failed every big test this season: FACT

By Buddy Berg

Much is made of the fact that Arsenal haven’t won a trophy since 2005 – and even that came in a very un-Arsenal way with a turgid draw and penalty win against a far superior M*nure side who deserved to beat us.

Arséne Wenger talked on Wednesday night of having to pick his team up for next week’s derby against T*tt*nh*m but actually, that’s the least of our problems.

We’ve already seen after humbling defeats against the Ch*vs and M*nure that we can bounce back and an intense derby against a side who believe they’re on the verge of surpassing us is just the fillip we need after the week’s disappointments.

But after our humbling at the Nou Camp, doesn’t the weak standard of the Premier League hide the fact that we’re just not that good?

Even if the Gunners win the Premier league, it will be because of the shortcomings of our rivals as much as the never-say-die approach of our young Guns.

Let’s face it, both the Ch*vs and M*nure would normally have run away with the title by now, especially having been so far ahead of us at various points of the season.

The fact that they are both within spitting distance of us says as much about their own travails as about our determination to keep going.

Even now we have to wait for someone to take points off both sides if we’re to snatch the title from the flames.

Most worrying is that the big teams know how to play against us – both M*nure and the Ch*vs have stifled us and prevented us from playing and we have few options when it comes to mixing it up.

Maybe we’re like the Liverpool squad of the early 1990s?

Established stars such as Peter Beardsley, Steve Nichol, John Aldridge and others were sold or left, perhaps prematurely and in their place came players who were not quite as good such as Dean Saunders, Neil Ruddock or Don Hutchison.

For Robert Pires, read Tomas Rosicky; for Patrick Vieira or Mathiue Flamini, read Abou Diaby; For Thierry Henry, read Eduardo.

Arséne Wenger has assembled a fine squad but too many players are either injury prone or inconsistent or both.

We need match winners.

Hell, we actually just needs some winners and the winning mentality that makes lifting trophies a habit.

Right now, the Barca games proved beyond doubt that we’re punching above our weight and some world class quality is needed if we’re to move forward from also-rans to title winners.

Liverpool have been in the wilderness for twenty years, and with Man City only likely to get stronger, this is the cross-roads where we will start challenging or start sinking.

Arsene - go and get some winners before it's too late!