Seven reasons why ALL Gooners should be supporting Barcelona this evening

1. They’re playing M*nchester Un*ted


2. Why would we ever want another English side to win?

3. Thierry Henry was a magnificent servant to Arsenal and it would be great to see him shine in a major final and score against one of his biggest rivals

4. Silvinho, Giovanni van Bronckhorst, Marc Overmars, Manu Petit...(Alex Hleb) have all joined Barca from Arsenal – not forgetting Cesc joining us from Cataluña.

5. M*nure fans – cocky enough at the worst of times...two Champions Leagues in a row would just be too much

6. Patrice Evra, on the eve of his side’s biggest game of the season, still finds time to whine about Cesc Fabregas trying to maim him at Gold Trafford recently. (Shame on you Cesc, you let him off!!)

7. Ruud van Nistelrooy, Roy Keane, Gary Neville, Ronaldo, Evra, Brian McClair, RedNose Ferguson, Peter Schmeichel, Wayne Rooney, Dimitar Berbatov...the list goes on and on and on...

Have you got any other reasons why you hate M*nure? Let us know in the comments below....