What's the difference between Cesc and Adebay-whore?

By Avenell Dave

Let's get this straight right at the start, because there's always some abusive muppet who reads the headline or the first few words and post a foul-mouthed tirade.

I don't want Cesc Fabregas to leave Arsenal.

I think he is one of the best players in the world.

I think he has handled the speculation as bet he could -but let's not kid ourselves that there is smoke without fire.

I think Arsenal will be sending out a damaging signal if they sell him and do not sign a decent replacement such as Gourcuff.

I think the bullying, disrespectful tactics that have been employed by Barcelona are an absolute disgrace and it seems to be the way with all latin teams when they fancy someone else's player.

Like a greasy-haired lothario who makes a play for your wife in a bar and doesn't leave her alone when he finds out she's married or that you're standing behind him.

We all know Cesc is getting frustrated with Arsenal and, just as importantly, that he wants to go home to play for his boyhood team.

That's right, the team who let him leave when he was a kid and made none of the promises about playing time that he got from Arsenal. He loved them so much that he left, remember.

The fact that when asked last week he has refused to say anything commiting himself to Arsenal gives credibility to the rumours, credibility which is enhanced by the comments of his father who claims that Arsenal must let his son leave.

Can we rule out the possibility that Cesc asked his father to make his comments for him, so as to provide some distance from him? Certainly there has been no denial of his father's statements since they were made.

Go back two summers and, if you take off your Arsenal-tinted spectacles, there is little different with this situation to that with Adebay-whore.

We may not have loved him as much (and the following season his laziness and lack of application quickly provoked our fury) but with the exception of answering questions about AC Milan and likening them to Beyonce, not much is different.

Adebay-whore played it very similarly, letting the rumours grow (perhaps through his agent) and then being able to deny he ever wanted to leave when the offer of a new contact came his way. He claimed comments were made by his agent - for that read Cesc's father.

Cesc has had pay-rises, contract extensions (which is why his contract has a year longer to run than even the media understood to be the case) and still he wants out.

We may well keep him, and I, like most fickle Addicts, will cheer him with the rest of the stadium because we love him and we're lucky to have him.

William Gallas and even Theirry Henry were never really captain material, and changing our club captain as often as we have done is not good for the image of the club.

But it's more than a shame that the man who has seen his career go from zero to hero since joining us and has been given the greatest honour Arsenal can bestow on a player is now agitating for a move.

We may despise Adebay-whore as much as we love Cesc - and if we ever faced him he would enjoy our admiration and behave with the respect we never saw from the Togo striker.

But think about it. Both players have had their incomes boosted, their careers made - the only difference is the difference in their efforts on the pitch - and we cannot tell how Cesc will play next season if he is forced to remain in North London.