If you won't listen to us, listen to your captain, Arséne

By Avenell Dave

Well we've all been saying it for nigh-on two years now - there is quality in our squad but not enough variety and not enough experience in vital positions.

Goalkeeper, defensive midfield (although Alex Song has improved greatly) and even in attack, we just don't have the quality to compete.

You look at M*nure away at West Ham on Saturday and they ended up played Michael Carrick in central defence and Darren Fletcher at right back. And they had Nani, Owen and B*rb*tov on the bench as well.

Look at the Ch*vs - they were able to leave Joe Cole, Malouda, Jerk-Off and Mikel out of the starting line-up and Alex wasn't even on the bench.

Every single one of those players apart from perhaps Nani would walk into our team and our bench pales into insignificance by comparison.

Arséne Wenger has talked about the dreadful injury situation, about taking a gamble with Tomas Rosicky which perhaps he shouldn't have done, about Theo Walcott being injured again until this week because he was, er, tackled, and we all know what a young side Le Boss is going to have to field tomorrow night in Greece.

In my opinion and many of those around me on Saturday, Cesc Fabregas didn't have one of his better games.

But he remains our crown jewel and while giving him the captaincy may have been a sweetener, you can't blame the lad if he gets somewhat frustrated too.

We all know about the financial constraints, the new stadium obligations that have provoked Project Youth, but it's time to start speculating to accumulate.

Everyone expects him to leave sooner or later, but let's at least give ourselves a chance by signing the players the team desperately needs.

It's all very well for Meerkat Arshavin to come in and start complaining about English life and what we don't have in the squad, but I'm sorry, he doesn't really have a right to make any comments after bing with us less than a year.

Cesc is a different case though - when he starts to comment about what the side lacks, Wenger has to take notice.

Is Wenger stubborn or does he just have his hands tied and know that to speak out about the constraints he works under would betray his paymasters and the club's vision?

Cesc is right that a world class striker can make all the difference - Theirry Henry carried Arsenal for a few years and while the Ch*vs have a fair few more quality players at present, including our own Nic Anelka, Didier Divba has been impressive for them over the last few years.

Love him or hate him, there's a part of me that wishes we'd signed him from Marseille when he was available.

Wenger isn't going to bolster the midfield - that much is clear, because he thinks Abou Diaby, Denilson, Ramsey and Nasri can cope centrally.

So if we are to sign players in January, unless Wenger pulls one out of left-field and finally realises we need a world class goalkeeper, a striker is all we'll go for.

Names like Dzeko, Huntelaar, Cole and even Forlan have been mentioned - but there are a couple of Frenchman such as Loic Remy and Andre-Pierre Gignac who are far more likely recruits.

Never did I think I'd yearn Nick Bendtner returning to the squad but how we could do with him now to hold up the ball and give us some aerial threat.

But if Wenger ignores the views of the fans and, more importantly, those of his captain, this is going to be another season where we fall flat on our faces once again.

What do you think? Has Cesc got a point? Let us know in the comments section below.