Play Fantasy Arsene Wenger - which Gunner will the media target tomorrow?

By Avenell Dave

Can I express how angry I am right now?

Can I ever come close to venting my fury at the storm in a teacup that has turned into the only thing the media and muppet fans can talk about right now following Arsenal's win against Celtic in midweek?

How many times do players go down in the area? How many players get punished? Didn't a Celtic player lie in a heap on Wednesday and then get up miraculously when Arsenal counter-attacked?

It's a joke, pure and simple.

BBC Radio Five Live, normally even-handed on this sort of thing, has just said "Uefa's decision is a victory for common sense." And then someone said "It's a shame the charge can't help Celtic." I'm gobsmacked.

I prefer to take Arsene Wenger's view that their decision is a disgrace.

Let's be fair - it probably wasn't a penalty but did Eduardo appeal for a penalty? No. End of.

More bad news and more importantly, Cesc Fabregas has been ruled out tomorrow, which I'm relieved about to be honest.

Hopefully he'll stay at London Colney instead of joining up with Spain, giving him time to recover properly ahead of the rest of the season.

So, if Aaron Ramsey is fit, given his promise and ability, I'd play him tomorrow to add to Denilson and Alex Song in the midfield three.

Sadly, I think Abou Diaby, who can be great or ghastly, will get the nod.

The rest of the side picks itself.

Go score some goals Eduardo. Keep smiling and don't let the bastards get you down. 

Addict XI


Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy

Song Denilson Ramsey

Arshavin RvP Eduardo

Let us know who you'd field tomorrow.