Just what does Kroenke news mean for Arsenal?

By Avenell Dave

I met Arsene Wenger last week.

I was at a business conference at a hotel where he was supporting an Olympic campaign and when he was on his own, I went up to speak to him.

He gave me the impression, in much the same way that he struck the journalists at his weekly press conference last Friday, that he is weary of the constant criticism and I felt sympathy for him.

It's easy to forget that we are in our most consistently successful spell since the 1930s, trophies or not, and that in our 125 year history, we have gone trophyless in 100 seasons.

I wouldn't swap our place with anyone.

Apart from the debt-loaded M*nure, we are the most successful club of this era in terms not only of success but in our ability not to be under financial pressure.

Liverpool have under-achieved and the Ch*vs, T*tt*nh*m and Citeh have all spent big thanks to wealthy owners and no real focus on balancing the books (as UEFA demand as of next season).

Of course, we have a mortgage to pay off and that has hampered us for years.

Last summer was the first since we moved to Emirates when we didn't sell a big name player and we made a loss with the Highbury apartment sales slowing down.

Does Wenger have the cash and not use it or is he compromised by a board who don't have any funds for him but make him tow the party line. I really suspect it's the latter.

What Wenger needs is some experience in the team and that costs money, but he can raise funds by selling a lot of the dead wood including kids who are never going to make it with us (Eastmond, Randall).

You could see yesterday when Blackpool scored that we shook and could have conceded an equaliser when Laurent Koscielny committed what looked like a clear foul in our box.

But while Addicts on Twitter joked that a good result had left things quiet, all of a sudden we had news of Stan Kroenke's imminent takeover of the club.

Who knows what he has planned and hopefully more will be forthcoming in the next few days.

I think all of us would like to see David Dein back at the club, but after allying himself with Alisher Usmanov, maybe that's pie in the sky.

If we're expecting a huge influx of cash, that isn't going to happen, but we may see some commercial changes that speed up the club's off-field development, which in turn will help us on the field.

This is hardly ideal timing with the Premier league title still up for grabs, but maybe it's the fillip we need to push on.

It overshadowed the positive comments from Cesc Fabregas yesterday on Twitter which hint at his continued stay in North London.

What matters now is that, whatever happens this season, we go through a period of evolution rather than revolution, that the players start to believe in themselves and all of us fans get behind the team and realise what it means to be a true supporter, regardless of our frustrations.