Has RvP really betrayed Arsenal and will Theo or Alex be next?

By Avenell Dave

I'm amazed. 

I really am amazed.

The feeling of total betrayal and uproar at the sale of Robin Van Persie to M*nure is a complete shock to me.

Think about it.

If we had signed a 29 year old for more than £20m, regardless of their injury record, everyone would think we were mad, desperate or both.

The fact is, RvP's injury record is poor and that's why the giants of Europe were not banging down the door to sign him.

In the end it came down to a straight decision between M*nure and Citeh - who offered to fly him to training so I hear when his wife kicked off about moving north.

Those who want to convince themselves that RvP left for money, go ahead, well done...jog on.

Arsenal may not be the biggest payers in the world but money was not the reason here.

The Gunners remain a work in progress and the continual evolution has become frustrating to a player who is running out of years to win trophies.

Citeh have a strong squad but with so many quality strikers already, RvP wouldn't be first choice, whereas he will be with Shrek at M*nure.

Remeber, while their squad isn't great, M*nure only lost the title with the last kick of the season from Aguero.

Have Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis betrayed us for selling our star player to a rival? Not at all.

What a great piece of business and how fantastic that we can move on without waiting until deadline day.

WIth an IPO that arguably failed and continuing controversy, this looks like a great signing for M*nure and their owners the Glazers, but only one season above 20 goals says it all.

Do you really think the club didn't know weeks ago that RvP was definitely off?

Our new German Number 10 has been waiting patiently until his Dutch colleague moved on and he could have his favoured shirt. The club hardly made a secret of it.

Rumours are getting stronger that Alex Song will be off too (and if we get more than £15m for him, what great business!) while question marks still remain over Marmite Theo Walcott.

I'm convinced we'll make at least two more big signings, maybe more if AA23 leaves as well and even now, I feel we're stronger than last season.

Time will tell but if ever Le Boss wanted to get one over his Glaswegian rival, I really think we'll see him have the last laugh on this piece of business.