Play Fantasy Arsene Wenger - tonight is crucial for Gunners

By Avenell Dave

It's vital we win tonight's game against AZ Alkmaar and win it we will.

The Dutch champions may have nicked a goal against us at their place but it's going to be different tonight. I'm convinced of that.

Is losing Gael Clichy a bad thing?

Though he has picked up a bit in recent weeks, he continued to leave his flank exposed, which means he plays catch-up with wingers who don't wait around for him to get back into position.

While I don't think Kieran Gibbs is a million miles better yet, he does have the advantage of being able to cross the ball, which is an essential asset in Wengerball and something Clichy often fails to be able to do.

Winning tonight and then against Standard Leige will put us top and a possibly easier tie in the first of the knockout stages - and we can start resting players such as the central defenders and central midfielders.

There's also a lot of pressure on Eduardo now, I think. The most natural finisher at the club, he hasn't exactly shone since returning from a niggle recently and missed two chances against T*tt*nh*m that he would normally finish with his eyes shut.

With Carlos Vela and Nick Bendtner injured, this is the time for Eduardo to go on a long run in the team and lay claim to a regular place that looked to be his own before that fateful day at St Andrews 20 months ago.

Other than that, the only player who disappointed me (AGAIN!!) is Abou Diaby.

Someone else wrote this week that he's like your average worked, getting distracted and thinking about what to have for dinner or surfing Facebook - when for 90 minutes he should be absolutely focused and determined. He just doesn't cut it as a regular and I don't know why Arsene Wenger persists with him.

Bring in Samir Nasri and let Aaron Ramsey show how good he can be - we are going to need players like the Welshman as the season starts to intensify so we may as well use him in a game we should win.

Addict XI


Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Gibbs

Fabregas Song Ramsey

Arshavin Rvp Eduardo

Nasri isn't yet fit enough to start and Rosicky is definitely not starting, so we're told.

Who do YOU think should start tonight against AZ Alkmaar?