Will Tottenham test set stall for the rest of Arsenal's season?

By Avenell Dave

"You better beat Tottenham on Sunday or the race for fourth will get pretty interesting" - so said a Liverpool fan to me after we went out to Bayern on Wednesday evening and I know what he meant.

Watching Tottenham lose at home on Thursday evening, looking directionless and was pleasant enough - although travelling home from central London and being crammed on a train that stopped at WHL was an experience I really would rather avoid.

It amused me that some Tottenham fans I know have been posting on social media that they hate their team even more than they hate Arsenal - something I don't think any of us Addicts could claim.

But however bad Tottenham were against Benfica, we know full well that playing us at their place is a cup final for them and a game they will be up for like few others.

Emmanuel Adebayor was awful last night but you just know that he will put a real shift in against us, the baggage of his departure and subsequent Manchester City antics never likely to go away.

And while us at our best should wipe the floor with them, we have started poorly in a number of domestic away games in recent months.

I do hope Agent Sherwood continues his fine run as a rookie manager by confusing and muddling his team.

We have to start as we did against Bayern and maintain that level of performance not only on Sunday but for the rest of the season.

Win against Tottenham and on the back of the Bayern draw, not only will we put some daylight between them and us, but the boost to the squad will be immense.

I keep saying it, but the title race isn't over yet. 

We seem to have been written off and that's fine by me, as long as we keep pushing rather than letting standards slip. One defeat for Chelsea and City and everything will change.

But the scars of the Stoke defeat are still raw and we continue to lose players rather than gain them.

Yes Kim Kallstrom is available, finally, and Nacho Monreal may well come in at left back, but Aaron Ramsey is now out until almost April and Mesut Ozil is also missing.

It leaves the squad light but we still have enough to win on Sunday and put down a marker for the rest of the campaign - and it's about time we won at White Hart Lane and put our neighbours back in their place.



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