Does Arsenal defeat show plenty of reason for doom and zoom?

By Avenell Dave

I don't know what to think about last night's game, I really don't.

I watched more in hope than expectation and only for a brief period when we equalised did I really have any feeling that we might pull off a miracle.

Arsene Wenger is right when he says that Arjen Robben's antics both demean the player and the game but while he makes the most of the Wojciech Szczesny collision that cost us the goalkeeper and a player in the first leg, if it had been the other way around, we would have been calling for it to be given.

Wenger was right as well when he said that we had the chance to go for the jugular but didn't take it but we came away able to hold our heads high even if it is another season of early departure from the competition.

How finishing first has become so important and we always start fast and finish slow in the Group stages.

There was much to be proud of last night.

We fought hard, we made it difficult for Bayern and while they may argue that they never really got or needed to get into top gear, we gave a good account of ourselves.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in particular caught the eye for his dynamic running and ability to worry Bayern defenders but we need more than one outlet and at present there only ever seems to be one player at a time causing the opposition problems.

We can now focus on domestic competitions and hopefully not take the so-called easy run to the FA Cup as an excuse not to put full effort into our remaining Premier League games.

There is still much to play for and even fourth place is far from guaranteed even if I think a concerted run could see us surprising a few people before the season's end.

You can't account for injuries and when you think that we were without Gibbs, Monreal, Ramsey, Wilshere, Walcott and then Ozil, not to mention others who may have been considered in the past, such as Bendtner and Diaby.

But this squad is stretched to breaking point.

With the latter two players and possibly Thomas Vermaelen and Lukasz Fabianski expected to depart in the summer, we need to sign at least six players who can make us stronger not just as a squad but as a first team as well.

We need two defenders, three if Bacary Sagna also leaves; we need a ruthless, beat of a central midfielder, especially as Mikel Arteta's influence wanes; and we need two strikers, with pace and an eye for goal.

The fact that we took Ryo Miyaichi to Germany only to find out he couldn't play means the club has some administrative work to do as well.

It feels as if we are a continual work in progress, without enough world class players at any one time to really challenge for the Champions League and the title. Imagine if we had RvP, Nasri, and Cesc in addition to our current squad.

I don;t blame the club or the manager - players come and go and want instant success...and in Cesc's case, he stayed long enough given the temptations of a return home.

But while I admire the determination to only bring in world class players (although I don't know where Kim Kallstrom sits in that equation), what we lack is runners whose movement will challenge defences, provide a hint of the unexpected as well as more goals, and also provide the outlets to get the best out of Mesut Ozil.

He didn't play well again last night but he did on Saturday against a decent Everton side - and it is still his first season.

There is still much to play for and if we can use this defeat as a similar springboard to that we did last year, we will have a happy end to the season.

But it's about time we turned around this unlucky run of games we seem to have at key moments and start becoming "Lucky Arsenal" once again.