Arsenal's glorious defeat undone by madness

By Avenell Dave

Sitting in my seat before the Bayern game last night, I was filled with immense calm.

Yes it would be great to give them a run for their money and yes winning the holy grail of the Champions League is something I really do hope I see in my lifetime.

But because I feel that the title and FA Cup are more winnable, I found myself not quite as panicked as I would normally feel before and during a game.

I'm absolutely no fan of Manchester City and even less of Demichelis but, regardless of whether his tackle started outside the box or not, I feel the double punishment that comes for a professional foul in the area is a ridiculous rule in football and I sympathised with City (only a tiny bit!).

The fact that the same thing happened to us last night, killing the game as Arsene Wenger put it, simply further underlines the craziness of the rule.

We saw it in Paris in 2006 against Barca - when Jens Lehmann was sent off and somehow we clung on until late in the game.

A penalty is a free shot on goal and while I understand that perhaps a caution could be issued, sending a player off on top if giving the spot kick seems a double punishment for a single misdemeanour.

Sure, if the tackle is violent or dangerous or simply ruthless like Germany goalkeeper Toni Schumacher on Patrick Battiston, I can understand the need for more stringent punishment.

Wojciech Szczesny was making a genuine attempt for the ball and as the goalkeeper, he is going to be the last man. A caution and a penalty is still severe punishment, regardless of whether Arjen Robben made a meal of the challenge.

Who knows how the game would have gone if it had remained 11v11?

Certainly, the wind was taken out of our sails by Mesut Ozil's penalty miss and it's just our luck to have a German who MISSES two penalties - has that ever happened before?

Given that Wenger said Ozil's head dropped after his miss, which definitely affected the team, I do wonder why he was left on when Santi Cazorla looks in better form right now.

Much was said about Ozil after the game and it was surprising to see how much he had run despite appearing to be ineffectual.

There was a moment when Mathieu Flamini admonished him for not covering and it caused a row - something that Ozil has prompted a few times with team-mates this season for one reason or another.

I remain optimistic that he can become a big player for us and his vision is still great. But sometimes, he tries to take players on when surrounded and simply knocking the ball out of play off one of them would be the sensible thing to do and something someone of his experience should know.

English club fans are also used to players working hard and the fact that his workrate is deceptively subtle and his tracking is not as robust as it should be doesn't help his cause.

The injury to Kieran Gibbs as well did hamper our ability to make changes and it just felt like one of those nights when the run of play was just going against us.

Why Laurent Koscielny decided to bomb forward when all the players have been talking about is not chasing games and keeping things tight, is beyond me. The crowd may have been roused by someone trying to make something positive happen but the fact that we conceded a second makes the tie altogether more challenging when at 1-0 we were still in it, despite Bayern's understandable dominance.

If we do what we did last season, we are still in with a shout in Munich but right now, I just hope we have energy in the tank to overcome Sunderland.

That to me feels far more important and I'm thankful it's a home game this weekend...