Should Arsenal go for a 0-0 against Bayern tonight?

By Avenell Dave

I'm in two minds about tonight.

Yes, getting further in the Champions League would be great and beating the current holders would be a real feather in our caps.

Arsene Wenger has something of an obsession with the tournament because he's never won it and there is a school of thought which suggests that no manager achieves real greatness unless they have lifted the Champions League or European Cup.

You can look back two years as well and see how an indifferent Chelsea side managed somehow to win the trophy so with a bit of defensive rigidity, we could well emulate them.

But with so much to play for in the Premier League and the FA Cup very winnable this season, would it not be better, particularly with our small squad, to focus on the two domestic fronts to ensure we don't burn out or lose more players through long term injury from over-playing.

Part of me thinks we should fight for every trophy at our disposal, of course, and to lose in any shape or form to Bayern would be disappointing as is any defeat.

But with City likely to go out of the Champions League after their loss at home to Barca and Liverpool not now distracted by any other competition, it will give them a real advantage, the opportunity to rest players and focus on the Premier League that is probably as winnable this season for Arsenal as it's ever been.

There's been a lot of talk of being defensively sound tonight and I do hope we've learnt lessons from the past.

Jack Wilshere talked about 0-0 being a good a decent score and there is some merit to that.

With Bayern's own domestic dominance and defensive strength, you'd have to argue that scoring three goals again is going to be a tall order, so we must keep it tight.

It's a shame that Mikel Arteta isn't available to join Mathieu Flamini in shielding the back four but we have to ensure whoever comes in - most likely Jack - will work hard and keep the ball away from our opponents.

It makes sense that Tomas Rosicky returns. He is dynamic and makes things happen even if he can't play every game.

But what Rosicky brings in experience, he lacks in pace and I do wonder if that gives Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain a chance to start.

The Ox has changed games since his return and has pace to get behind defenders - something that no one else in the team really has, unfortunately.

Mesut Ozil is at his most effective when he has a pacey forward ahead of him and the opportunity to thread through balls that mesmerise defences. Rosicky simply doesn't have the pace to make those runs.

I read somewhere that we've never lost when Sagna, Gibbs, BFG and Koscielny start together and whether it's true or not tonight, everyone is going to need to work incredibly hard to keep Bayern at bay.

I'd take a dull 0-0 right now but my personal focus is more on Sunderland at the weekend and getting three points, especially with our title rivals all facing what look like straightforward opposition while Sunderland are both fighting for their lives and resurgent under Gus Poyet.



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