Arsenal fans need to calm down - and Collymore is a muppet

By Avenell Dave

What a difference a year or two makes, eh? 

Here we are, finding ourselves sitting at the top of the table, five ahead of Citeh and eight ahead of M*nure, there's plenty to be happy about.

Cast your mind back a year.

After six games, we had nine points with the CH*vs leading the table with 16 points.

Two years ago we were 13th with seven points and a minus five goal difference with United leading.

As we know, neither side went on to win the title that season. 

Do we have the staying power? Do we have the squad, the resilience, the luck required? 

Time will tell. Certainly we need players returning from injury and we need a couple of new bodies, certainly including a forward. 

Perhaps the emergence of Serge Gnabry has given Arsene Wenger some food for thought that he may not need to spend big on a new winger, at least. 

Gnabry has shown more nous already than Gervinho did in two years and if he continues to grow and show the sort of impact he made at Swansea, he has a fine future ahead of him. 

Some were critical of him against Stoke but where he was solid and thoughtful in that game, in Wales he was direct, determined and all too aware of his defensive responsibilities as well. 

He wanted to make things happen and had a part in both the best chance we had in the first half and the of course scored our first.

There have been enough superlatives about Aaron Ramsey and nothing much more to add except to say that those who slated him so much could do with taking a look at themselves.

On the one hand, it's hard to imagine quite how bad an injury it was that he sustained at Stoke and the physical and emotional damage that would have done. 

But even when he returned, his willingness to dig in, to fight for every ball and try and help the team got the admiration of me and those around me. So what if it didn't always come off? 

We can all get frustrated with players below a certain standard but he still showed enough about him to prove that, while perhaps not quite the goalscorer he has become of late, he had the skill and determination to make it at the top level.

I've always defended him and what I say now may be contradictory but... 

I've seen so much on Twitter with Arsenal fans arguing amongst themselves about who was right or wrong to back Wenger, who should be more optimistic or loyal, who was a traitor.

Football is a game of opinions and while you'll usually find me getting behind the manager and the club, I'd like to think I'll be even-handed if criticism is due.

What Arsenal fans need to do is unite and rather than bicker about who is right or wrong, show some unity against the two common enemies - media catastrophe (which will come along with a broken cannon if we lose a game or two) and everyone who does not support us.

I have a bugbear with Tiny Tim, the gobshite who purports to represent us all and who even now gives the impression that he is looking for clouds rather than silver linings.

But we all have to work together, make some noise and do what we can to help the team keep this superb run going.  

It feels like a long period of pain and suffering (entirely linked to the new stadium) may be coming to an end. Let's all enjoy it together. 

* A word for TalkSh*te and their disgraceful commentary yesterday. 

I wouldn't normally listen but I was running late and missed the first 20 minutes of the game, listening on the only station broadcasting from the match. 

Stan Collymore and his cohort criticised Wojciech Szczesny (who incidentally had a superb game) for his crazy antics in stopping play and leaving his goal open in the first half.

The way they described it, the Pole had made a madcap run and then decided that he should leave it to his defenders to clear up the mess when the goal was unguarded and a Swansea attacker had possession.

Watching it back on Match of the Day, it was very difference of course. Szczesny stopped playing when the ball was judged to have gone out, the linesman had a flag up and play had stopped.

Did Collymore know that and was just trying to make good radio or did he simply have no understanding of the basics of football, namely that when a flag is up and a whistle blown, it tends to mean the ball is no longer active. 

There is a reason you shouldn't listen to TalkSh*te people - many many reasons in fact but Stan Collymore is enough right there.