Forget Ozil - derby victory should be a reminder to us all

By Avenell Dave

It would be easy to get carried away by the possible signing of Mesut Ozil. 

He is exactly the type of "super quality" player that we have been wanting all summer. 

But let's not forget about yesterday. 

Lose and there would have been mayhem and fury at our failure to sign players. 

Win and it could be suggested that our opponents had not had time to bed down. 

But the fact is, we had a stronger first XI and we rarely looked in trouble until legs tired towards the end.

You could argue that having a stronger bench would have allowed us to bring on offensive players who could have taken the pressure off the midfield and attack.

Zelalem and Gnabry just were not good enough or experienced enough at this stage of their careers to be risked in such an important game. 

It was a case of going back to last season in some respects. 

We got a goal, defended it and proved that we have the resilience and the grit to protect what we had. 

People can say that we can't do that in every game - and maybe we can't, but when injuries clear and players sign, we will have more options. 

It will be fascinating to see how the rest of the transfer window pans out - we could still do with three more bodies to give us the depth to rotate and still be competitive. 

What Sunday's result did is remind us all that we're not in such a bad place as we feared after the disastrous start against Villa.

That was a freak result and while the sentiment to spend money remains, Arsene Wenger showed that perhaps he does still know a thing or two about how to manager a team.

We know we have to win trophies. We know that one win does not change the concerns we have about competitiveness.

But the signing of Ozil and victory over a small team down the Seven Sisters Road is a stark reminder that things aren't quite so bad after all. 

* On a separate note, thoughts go out to the poor man taken ill just 15 minutes into the game near me. Medics arrived and he was carried away after CPR but he looked very unwell. I am sure I speak for all fans in saying that I do hope he made it and makes a full recovery.