Transfer frustration will play into Tottenham's hands

By Avenell Dave

On the face of it, T*tt*nh*m have done everything right this transfer window and Arsenal have done everything wrong.

They have bought and bought big in a bid to force their way into the top four or even challenge for the title. 

They have bought before they have sold, knowing that if Gareth Bale goes, they can balance the books and if he stays, they probably have a squad who, on paper, look capable of challenging for honours this season. 

Arsenal on the other hand have made no major signings despite whetting the appetite of the fans and media by vowing to do big business this summer. 

And all we have to show for it is an injury-prone French second diviion striker and a returning player who left us for more money in Italy just at the time when his axis with Cesc Fabregas promised to be the perfect blend of silk and steel in our midfield.

And both cost us nothing in transfer fees. 

Where T*tt*nh*m's bench will have a plethora of potentially game-changing options, we have nothing of note that could cause our opponents any problems.

The fans are getting restless. They don't understand why no deals have been done.

They don't understand why they are paying big money to watch a team that doesn't seem to put itself in a position to compete for the top honours a new stadium was supposed to promise us.

Players, pundits and fans alike just don't understand it and with little more than a day to go until the transfer window closes, the big names, the proven winners who could take us to the next level just don;t seem to be queuing up to join us.

We could end up with Juan Mata, Angel De Maria, Karim Benzema and Julio Cesar - but we could just as easily end up with Yohan Cabaye, Jefferson Montero and Victor Moses on loan.

The fans want Arsenal to spend money.

If the players do not want to come or clubs are making it ever-more difficult to sign their top talent, we could end up with no one by the end of the window on Monday night (which of course should close at the end of July before all the major leagues start in earnest).

We saw two weeks ago how quickly the fans started raging when the Villa game went against us and I fear it could happen again against T*tt*nh*m if the game starts to go away from us.

We can be cocky, talk about the number of trophies we have won in the past compared to our neighbours. We can talk about how many years we have been in the Champions League or finished above them.

But every year, we are only as good as the results we have. 

A win today may not confirm that the status quo is retained just as a victory for the Spuds would not mean that the balance of power has irrevocably shifted.

But whatever happens at the final whistle, it is imperative that we as a horde must make life as difficult for the opposition and the referee. 

That is how it should always be. 

The worst thing about home games at Arsenal is how quiet everyone is.

We MUST make our home ground a fortress.

We must use that frustration and confusion about transfers to our advantage and let T*tt*nh*m know that we are the Kings of North London.

I've just moved house, to an area which I fear is populated by Spud fans.  

I expect my journey home to be rather difficult whatever happens this afternoon. 

Let's get behind the team, the manager and the Club and cheer the team on.

Jeering and protesting will do nothing to help our cause.

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