Does Wenger have a point about Arsenal fans?

By Avenell Dave

Let's get this out straight away.

I love Arsene Wenger. 

I have had the chance to meet him a number of times and have spoken to him on many occasions at various events where we have both been present.

That doesn't mean that everything he does is best nor that I am an AKB. 

I know that he has his weaknesses - as do we all - and that there comes a time when everyone outstays their welcome, runs out of ideas or simply goes stale. 

I also get concerned that while that monster of a manager, RedNose Fergie, was known for his tantrums, he still changed his backroom staff often enough to evolve and remain on top of the game.

Wenger hasn't really done that, giving the impression that he has to do everything his way and seemingly not having anyone to challenge him within the club.

You could argue that Champions League football every season, despite player sales and constrained budgets was some achievement. 

And I do worry that many of the most vociferous opponents of the current regime - and I know that there are many exceptions to the rule - are too young to remember anything before the late 1990s when the club began an era of competitiveness that we hadn't seen since the 1930s. 

I was at the Emirates last week and feared that if anything went against us, the crowd, impatient and concerned, would turn on the players and manager rather than see the reality of the situation.

When I want straightforward opinions, my neighbour Henry is usually the one to give them to me.

"£100m wouldn't have changed the way that game went" he said, and he was probably right, unless we had signed a Ronaldo or someone who could score out of nothing.

That's not to say the referee was entirely to blame but the catalogue of injuries and crazy refereeing decisions made it an impossible day.

Wenger is right. We have lost one game since March and deserve some credit for that.

It amazes me that so-called experts keep talking about how frail the Arsenal defence is, when that has been possibly our strongest section over recent months.

Of course, we're stretched at the moment and having got rid of so many players who weren't featuring regularly but were costing us a fortune in salaries, there has been an urgency to bring in world class players who can make a real difference for us.

Fulham have usually been a tricky place for us to go and a near-waterlogged pitch doesn't exactly sit well with Wengerball.

And yet we did virtually everything right on Saturday.

Szczesny did well when called upon, the defence was resolute, the midfield both stifling and yet brave and creative.

Olivier Giroud held the line well and the only criticism - and it is a small one - is that sometimes we didn't take the chances we created. 

Some of the football we played, even in those wretched conditions, was sublime and showed just what we're capable of, even if Fulham were far less of a test than T*tt*nh*m will be next week.

Of course we should have made signing by now, to lift the team, to lift the fans, to divert the media focus away from Arsenal in a way it loves to be. 

But I'd have taken six goals in two games, especially after Villa.

There is much work to do - make no bones about it.

But Wenger says that the confidence of the players is fragile and given how quickly the home crowd turn, I know what he means. 

But there is nothing more likely to galvanise the fans than a visit from the small club down the road.

But we have to get behind our team. We have to get behind our club. 

We have to remain strong in the face of criticism. 

I really believe we have a chance to win something this season.

Talk of a crisis after one game doesn't help anyone.