Did Fener win paper over cracks or show real potential?

By Avenell Dave 

Life feels so much better after a win, doesn't it? 

Fenerbahce were poor, granted, but we had a job to do, they have some quality players, and we did it with no setbacks other than an injury to Laurent Koscielny, which let's hope is not too bad.

Watching the game, I was really torn about the club, the squad, the manager. 

We pretty much set ourselves up for the Champions League again, barring any disasters, and we looked decent. 

Were we really that bad on Saturday or did the awful refereeing and too any injuries in one game create a situation where we chased a game and ended up losing emphatically? 

If the second penalty had not been given, we would not have lost the game and the season may not have started in the maelstrom we have experienced. 

I do wonder how many of the top players have been waiting to see how we do in the Champions League before committing to us. 

Talk today of course is about Karim Benzema, probably one of the only strikers who would get me excited now that others have been deemed unavailable or sold elsewhere. 

But given how other things have gone, do we have a chance of selling him? Will Madrid really want to balance the books or just do what they usually do and somehow get the debt written off?

And having sold Higuain, will they really want to sell another striker even if they sign Bale? All sounds unlikely to me. 

But while we would all love to know why the club has waited so long before bringing in reinforcements, maybe the Champions League qualification has been a deciding factor.

Wenger said a couple of years ago that Arsenal could not be considered a big club if they sold Fabregas and Nasri, who both then departed, making the club and himself look silly and leaving us to do a last minute trolley dash for players who were mostly not good enough.

We cannot afford for that to happen again and the fact that everyone knows how much money we have makes it harder to push a decent price.

One thing is for sure. We did well last night and that should be applauded. 

Szczesny looked far more assured than he did on Saturday, Walcott looked interested and Ramsey showed again what a fine player he has the potential to be. 

And that's two in two for Giroud, as well - not a bad start given what some fans think of him as a forward. 

It's going to be a fascinating ten days now - let's hope we see the quality signings that the club have been promising so we can put Villa well and truly behind us.