Can Arsenal still make the top four?

By Avenell Dave

It's all gloom and doom this morning and rightly so.

A match we simply could not afford to lose, we lost in three mad minutes after dominating large patches of the game.

It's a joke that somehow we found ourselves as one of the best defences in the Premier League in terms of goals conceded and yet we have looked so incredibly shaky all season.

Is it time for a new goalkeeper? Maybe. At least someone to put pressure on Wojciech Szczesny.

It's certainly time to replace Thomas Vermaelen, who looks a poorer player with every passing month.

When he arrived, he was a warrior, a leader, he took games by the scruff of the neck and drove the team on. Now, he does none of that.

He's not the only one, by any chance, but giving him the captaincy was foolish and makes it harder to drop him.

Koscielny is not perfect but he is a much stronger player than Vermaelen and was arguably our best defender last season.

To let in two simple goals in as many minutes makes it so much harder to win football matches and while we gave ourselves a chance with Per Mertesacker's header, it was never enough.

We've done poorly against all the so-called top teams this season. Apart from the home drubbing of T*tt*nh*m, we have struggled and have yet to keep a clean sheet. That says it all.

There will be those who want Arsene Wenger to leave and I can understand why, even if he still has my support.

We have a relatively easy run-in if we keep our heads, apart from QPR away and Everton and M*nure at home. 

T*tt*nh*m's run-in is far harder and if they don't drop seven points between now and May, I'll be stunned. We'll need more than seven points of course given that we can easily drop as many ourselves.

All this talk of a takeover has changed the view of so many who have previously sneered at the sugar daddies in West London and Manchester.

The fact is, Stan Kroenke has not worked as an owner of Arsenal. He is too distant, too seemingly uninvolved (and perception is reality as far as communicating with the fans is concerned) and being a custodian of the club is not enough in this highly competitive era.

What frustrates us all is that the ingredients are there, the players have been there and we need someone with drive and determination to take the club forward. Whether that be the so-called consortium, Alisher Usmanov, or whoever, Kroenke has shown already that he is content not to transform the club positively in any way. We are going backwards and ultimately he has to take responsibility.

AVB said after Sunday's game that we're going backwards. Really? After one defeat in six games? I don't think that's a fair assessment.

We were poor in 2006 after all until Lasagne came to the rescue.

Can we still make the top four? Of course we can.

But we need to fight for every ball and cut out the stupid mistakes that blight far too many of our games.