Have you ever seen Wenger so angry?

By Avenell Dave

It is so hard being an Arsenal fan these days.

We send a fortune on tickets, we live on memories of the recent past and we yearn for the club to compete in the manner that a club of size should.

We have all the ingredients to win trophies regularly.

We have the infrastructure and, dare I say it yet again, a pretty damn good team. When they want to be.

But we lack heart. We lack conviction. The players lack fear that their status at the club may be in jeopardy if they do not perform.

Would Andrey Arshavin, the forgotten man, have been any worse than Gervinho if given the same chances?

And yet the Russian, frustrating as he can be, has been discarded and will almost certainly never play for us again.

It shows that Arsene Wenger can be ruthless -and he has to be now more than ever if his legacy is not to be tarnished and we are to compete at the level which he made us accustomed to.

Wenger was defensive, tetchy, argumentative and lacking all his usual charm at the pre-match press conference on Monday and to a certain degree, I don't blame him.

While he must take some of the blame for the defeat to Blackburn, the fact is, we DID have a full team of internationals playing, who should have been capable of winning the game comfortably.

If the stories of a contract extension really are just mischief making - and let's be honest, the media may well be making trouble given the continual crisis they position Arsenal as being in - then Wenger ahs a right to be angry.

If the fact that the team was kept in the dressing room for almost an hour on Saturday is true, he has a right to be angry.

But with Bayern coming and no doubt baying for blood, Wenger has to transmit that anger onto the players and get them fighting.

During our most successful era under Wenger, we had a record number of bookings and red cards.

As those bookings became less frequent, so did our competitiveness.

Now the last thing I want is for us to become a dirty team like Stoke but we need some nastiness, some winners, some bite in the side.

At the moment only Jack Wilshere provides that and it's not enough.

Let's hope that Wenger's fury, taken out on the media in a way I don't think he has ever before, is the sign of a man who is up for the fight, who is reminding the players that their futures are at risk if they do not improve and fight for every ball in every match.

Bayern is a massive game. We cannot lose but even if we draw or win, we need to do more to arrest the malaise that has infected the club.

Let's hope Saturday was a watershed moment. We have hoped for that so often before. Something has to change.

For now, victory and a clean sheet against Bayern is the bare minimum.

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