Arsenal must keep calm and carry on

By Avenell Dave

Another trip away from home, another three points and the longer we keep this up, the more likely we are to be in the mix at the end of the season.

Winning at Cardiff shows that we're a stronger side than many others, especially when you consider that United and City both struggled there.

But are we a stronger squad?

Of course, we know the answer to that question.

We need to bolster the squad with some top quality in defence and attack, perhaps bringing in a game-changing striker who is not seeing eye to eye with his manager ahead of the World Cup.

Arsenal fans have often been pessimists and I still worry what will happen if one or two of our first choice players gets injured.

Mertesacker, Ramsey and Giroud are all integral now and we saw at Old Trafford what can happen when even one of them is unavailable.

Ramsey, in particular, must be rested at some point to ensure he neither burns out or gets injured. He is in line for Player of the Year at this rate and deserves all the plaudits, including the classy way he refused to celebrate his goals on Saturday. That's what The Arsenal is all about.

For Brendan Rodgers to lament a lack of squad depth as the reason for his side's defeat against Hull is laughable but their defeat coupled with a draw for Tottenham and United meant that we can pull further away from them both.

But of course the real dangers this season are clearly City and Chelsea, both of whom won to keep up the pressure.

Both of them have substitutes who could easily make our first team and as Wojciech Szczesny said after the Cardiff win, we have to continue doing what we're doing, remaining focused and disciplined.

There are rarely games where one side prevents the other from having at least one decent scoring chance, and another difference this season is the way the Pole is winning us points with fine saves where previously Almunia or even Szczesny himself (due in no small part to a lack of experience which no one can blame him for) would have let them in.

Things are going very well at the moment and we remain four points clear.

It is impossible not to be delighted and optimistic.

But after Hull we have four games that will shape our season: Everton, Napoli, City and then Chelsea all in quick succession.

We need to find ways to rotate, which after Hull's win on Saturday becomes less cut and dried.

We have won nothing yet but boy, is it getting exciting.