Is there anything more satisfying than a 1-0 win?

By Avenell Dave

We have heart attacks every minute, we are shaking, our breath short and the fear of something bad happening becomes all-consuming.

But while we all love a walk-in-the-park 4-0 win, there is something immensely satisfying about 1-0 to the Arsenal. 

I've always preferred a 1-0 to a 2-1 or a 3-2 - because it shows a ruthlessness, a dogged determination and control that other games tend to abandon. 

Everyone slated Per Mertesacker when he arrived in London. Everyone said he was slow and unsuited to the Premier League. 

Everyone said that Laurent Koscielny was a gamble coming from French football and that he would never make it.

Everyone asked why Arsene Wenger was buying a right back in Bacary Sagna when we had a perfectly decent one in Manu Eboue. 

And yet everyone says that Wenger can't spot a defender let alone train one. 

The fact is, while George Graham drilled a team into the ground to make them hard to beat, he stopped getting the balance right as soon as he decided the likes of Marwood, Limpar, Rocky and Thomas were no longer suited to his style of play.

Of course, some of the credit has to go to Steve Bould who has had a big impact in how we play, our shape and focus, but Le Boss also has to take some credit.

Even Rambo's goal had something of the Tony Adams about.

We rode our luck of course, benefiting from a sensible referee and some wayward shooting by Dortmund. 

But the humbled, quiet reaction of Klopp after the game underlined the fact that he knew he had been outsmarted and out-Dortmunded for wont of a better word. 

If we can not lose at Old Trafford, we can look back on this week as a great one, regardless of what happens throughout the rest of the season.

There is a long way to go and we have won nothing yet. 

But if we beat Marseilles and Napoli beat Dortmund, we're through before we have to go to Italy. 

Happy days. Enjoy!