Can Arsenal cap a perfect run with victory at the Hawthorns?

By Avenell Dave

I remember dating an Aussie girl many years ago. She moved to England and knew of my passion for the Arsenal.

Every week, I explained to her what was happening and every week during the year that we were together, we didn't lose.

"Arsenal never lose" she said, ignorantly, unaware of quite how monumental that Invincibles season really was. 

It's hard to imagine that we're almost ten years on from that and what a tough few years it has been. 

And it's hard not to get carried away when you look at our run of form over the past few months stretching back into last season. 

Didn't someone say something about a negative spiral? 

A ot of credit has been given to Mesut Ozil for lifting the mood and the optimism and it does feel like he is a game-changer in the same was Dennis Bergkamp was 18 years ago. 

And with Santi Cazorla injured, it's hard to know where the inspiration would come if Ozil wasn't playing. 

But let's not forget, even if it was tough going at times, how well we were doing (Villa aside, which I still blame the referee for in the most part) before Ozil arrived. 

Victory at the Hawthorns, a ground where we have had a fair degree of success in recent years, would provide a perfect send-off before the international bore.

And given the rest we will have had compared to other sides and the fact that we will know how all but the Spuds will have got on before we play, it makes for a fascinating afternoon at stake.

With players returning, who should Wenger leave out? 

Does he give Ozil a rest after the number of games he has played or even Ramsey? Of course he can't leave out two of our stand-out performers.

But perhaps he has a chance to give Jack a rest again given how much he will be relied upon by England.

We cannot be as gung-ho away from home and the Arteta/Flamini axis looks like it could provide just the blend of protection and graft we need. 

West Brom have struggled for goals but after their away victory at M*nure, they will fancy their chances of getting something against us, however much United stink the place out presently. 

Will Serge Gnabry regain his place or will Tomas Rosicky be given another opportunity? 

I love the energy and drive of Little Mozart but despite the fact that sometimes you have to attempt brave passes in order to make them, I do feel he takes some unnecessary risks. 

Gnabry is a better defensive player and as we saw against Swansea, he is also capable of taking a game by the horns and making things happen. 

I would start him, especially given the injury-prone nature of Rosicky. 

The rest of the side picks itself, doesn't it? 



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