I don't know whether to be elated or concerned by Arsenal's form

By Avenell Dave

Arsenal are top of the league.

That is something to celebrate and if we were to manage to win the title, it would be a great fillip for clubs who play the right way, conduct themselves the right way and manage their finances without false and inflated external support.

We're playing a core of the same players every week, something that has been shown to help with consistency in title-winning squads and some of the football we have played has been quite scintillating.

On top of that, we are drawing games we might otherwise lose and winning games we might draw. 

Saturday is a case in point. Losing a player like Flamini then going down to ten players are just the kind of incidents that would have troubled us in years gone by.

That we won is a testament to the resolve and determination the club have now got even when the chips are down. 

And as I've been saying for a while, we have a player in Serge Gnabry who makes things happen. He may not get the attention that Janazaj gets at Manchester United but he is equally impactful when we need to create openings.

He did it at Swansea and he did it at Palace. He also has pace, something we are sorely lacking with Walcott and Chamberlain absent. 

And yet even though we were unlucky in the end against a very very good Dortmund team, I can't help but worry that we're about to get a dose of reality.

Every pundit says the true test of our credentials will be the upcoming games against Liverpool and United and you can't argue with that. 

But we are struggling to get clean sheets with only two in our last 11 games and while offensively we haven't failed to score, we need to be able to shut out stronger sides than Palace.

The midfield has become reliant on Flamini and his enforced absence after injury on Saturday is a blow. it underlines why we need to bring in another DM to cover for his absence because Arteta is neither mobile enough or aggressive enough to provide the same sort of shield. 

Winning or not losing when you're not playing at your best has to be a good thing and our domestic form is superb.

But I have a bad feeling that we are flattering to deceive and without some of our players stepping up - Ozil and Cazorla are both due a big game and Wilshere too is struggling for form and fitness, our optimism is not going to last for long. 

I'm the last person to ever cast a shadow when we seem to be doing so well. 

But there feels to be a need for improvement now we're getting into the nitty gritty games if we are to make a genuine stab at the title this season.