Does Liverpool result matter more than new signings?

By Avenell Dave

Whether it's talking at the ground, in the pub, on email or social media, there is only one thing that matters to Arsenal fans at the moment - signing new players.

We've said many times on this site - as has virtually every other blog or fan I can think of - that Arsenal need players.

It's all very well signing up the British kids we have including the overpaid Theo Walcott, but the fact of the matter is that we needed new signings.

We needed players who would give the fans and the squad a boost and remind everyone that we are not a selling club anymore, that we're going for it.

No one could criticise the Club if we went out and bought three top class players and still missed out - although there would always be the argument I suppose that we could have done our business sooner, be it at the start of January or the end of August.

The problem with social media, and Twitter in particular, is that everyone has an opinion, most of those opinions (and I count myself amongst this group) yearn for things we cannot control.

There are 'In the know' types who claim to be convinced that they have exclusive information that we will or will not sign this or that player.

We get mixed messages from Arsene Wenger when we all know that the squad is threadbare, that we are one major injury away from becoming a mid table team and who knows how long it will take to clamber back into contention for titles or even the Champions League?

Football has become an ever-more mercenary business and on a practical level, if Ivan Gazidis is correct when he states the focus now on bringing in new commercial deals, you can certainly charge more when your team is playing with Europe's elite.

I was fascinated to read an article in the Financial times about Arsenal at the weekend in which Gazidis said that Financial Fair Play was not part of the club's strategy and yet at every fan meeting I have been to, he has said quite the opposite.

Emirates also indicated that the new sponsorship deal will be front loaded but not until the summer, so there is a possibility that the club simply has not planned its resources well enough to get deals done.

Certainly, just as with AA23 a few seasons ago, we should not be waiting until the last couple of days until signing players. Look what Daniel Sturridge has done for this evening's visitors, for instance, scoring goals and giving them another option.

Liverpool were the dominant team when I grew up and to consider that they wouldn't win the title for 22 years was unthinkable.

But they continue to attract big names because they have such a massive European pedigree with a raft of European Cups. Arsenal do not.

Who knows whether their FA Cup defeat to Oldham will spur them or demoralise them.

Whatever, we've beaten them once already this season and we have to do it again. It will push them one step further away from the Champions League and us nearer to those above us.

I've resigned myself to us not signing anyone and I'd suggest that everyone else does the same.

Switch off your Twitter feeds, Sky Sports News and any other news tickers on Thursday and try and forget about the transfer window.

New faces are something I fear we'll just have to wait for until the summer.

Six points in the next two home games is the only thing  we can really influence by getting behind the team, being vocal and supportive.

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