Has Theo made a point to Wenger?

By Avenell Dave

Two goals from the wing and the look of a player who is emulating Thierry Henry in style and execution, Theo Walcott was superb in parts last night.

With all pre-match focus on his contract situation, it was some reminder to Arsene Wenger about the young striker's potential and has left me confused.

Theo is a big game player - look at his goals in cup finals, against the likes of Liverpool away in the Champions League and most recently, the T*tt*nh*m victory at home last season.

Give him time to think and he struggles. 

Expect him to play intelligent passes or beat a man with trickery and he struggles.

It makes a mockery of the Nike advert which says that he is not all about speed and pace. He is.

While last night's goals were against a poor Coventry City side, you can only beat who is in front of you.

I don't quite understand why there is such a delay in discussions.

Surely Ivan Gazidis and the player's representatives can thrash out a deal if the willingness is there on all sides?

The delays give me the feeling that someone isn't telling the truth, that either Walcott or the club are not keen to take things further.

Let's hope I'm wrong.

I used to be indifferent at best about Theo and Graham McNorthbank has often said on this site that he is one of the biggest disappointments at the club. I can see why he thinks that.

But last night's performance showed that he has the capacity to be the central striker he craves, and who would be of use to us as an alternative to our current options.

That said, it was great that Olivier Giroud got off the mark, although I wonder what the penalty miss will have done to his confidence.

Things are looking positive and I'm much happier with an away trip to Reading than to QPR, scene of many traumas over the years.