Was Wenger as angry as Arsenal fans on Saturday?

By Avenell Dave

Arsene Wenger is a man frustrated.

Last summer killed his title hopes and the paucity of the options available to him has made it impossible to tinker with the team and secure third place in the Champions League.

He lost all four full backs at one stage and again on Saturday lost another, although thankfully at almost the right time, if there is one, with the end of the season upon us.

But anyone who believes that Wenger is happy with the way his team performs, the way his team fights and scraps really doesn't get the man at all.

Regardless of the potential of Francis Coquelin and Emmanuel Frimpong, he knows he needs a strong commancing defensive midfielder and while some think Yann M'Vila is that man, I've heard on good authority that he is not the man Wenger will sign in the summer.

With Alex Song as indisciplined as ever, trying Hollywood passes when the simple option is best, Aaron Ramsey has been asked to play that role with Mikel Arteta injured.

How we have missed the Spaniard and while Ramsey hasn't been a world beater, the Welshman covers every blade of grass, never gives us and deserves more respect than he is getting from some elements of the support.

The fact that we cannot kill a game with ten minutes to go says a great deal about how quickly this team crumbles and make no mistake, there have to be changes in the summer.

We need to stop letting in as many goals as we have done this year, even if eight of those came in one calamitous game.

We have to cover more when we don't have the ball and suffocate the opposition in the way Barca do when they don't have possession.

And we need to use it more efficiently and with more pace if we are to take advantage of the positive ethos that Wenger has instilled.

Wenger knows he needs more quality - more attacking options and more discipline at the back. He was fuming at the team's loss of shape, of the poorly times lunges and careless passing. But he cannot do anything about the fear in his players.

We all love Thomas Vermaelen but when Kieran Gibbs was left one on one with Grant Hold for Norwich's second, where was his marker?

It's all very well being halfway up the pitch trying to make things happen, but Vermaelen's sorties need to be coupled with the realisation that he is a defender and that at 1-1 as the score was at the time, he need not put the defence at risk as he did.

I read a stat that Wojciech Szczesny has the worst shot to save ratio in the Premier League apart from Paul Robinson, Juusi Jaaskeleinen and Paddy Kenny.

We all know he can become a great stopper and that he makes some superb blocks at times, but he needs to work on his blocks and his distribution, which is shocking. After Euro 2012, he must continue working to hone those elements of his game that are costing us.

Kieran Gibbs was at fault in some part for all three goals and looks a long way from being the next C@$hley C*le. He has to get tighter to players and judge his attacking forays better as well.

There is so much to lament, so much to frustrate us and yet, strangely, I feel more optimistic than ever about next season.

T*tt*nh*m and Newcastle's failure to win means it's back in our hands, and the players have one game to ensure this summer is not as transitional and chaotic as the last. Failure to get top three and we're in trouble.

Getting third next Sunday, my fellow Addicts, would be an incredible achievement given the injuries and personnel we have had this season.

Keep believing.