Is QPR defeat the perfect wake-up call for the Gunners?

By Avenell Dave

I've been saying it for a while now.

Too many Addicts, having enjoyed our latest unbeaten run, started taking for granted our Champions League qualification.

Too many have started crowing to T*tt*nh*m fans despite the fact they have an incredibly easy run-in compared to ours - and we know where that got them earlier in the season.

Arsene Wenger spoke on Friday about the team being committed to ensure they maintained their positive run and you wonder how much it was meant as a message to his players not to believe that the job was done.

From start to finish, we were poor on Saturday and too many players either had an off-day or faded into the background when we needed them to assert themselves.

The pressure on RvP has been immense this season and the fact that some idiot pundits are talking about him being on a goal drough underlines the ridiculousness of some football commentary.

But the fact remains that we need him firing on all cylinders all the time and without him, we have a tendency to struggle away from home.

There are always key moments in football matches and when he got free on his own early in the second half, only to see his shot saved by Paddy Kenny, it felt like a turning point.

Some were quick to criticise Thomas Vermaelen, but every player has an off-day and the fact is, Bobby Zamora and Jamie Mackie gave our defence a torrid time and they didn't get the covering support from midfield that has been a key tenet of our unbeaten run.

Others complained that Aaron Ramsey was poor (again, the poor lad always seems to be a default for criticism) and that Alex Song was trying to many clever through balls when the simpler pass was on.

Ramsey is not a wide midfielder and Wenger undoubtedly selected him in order to provide some midfield steel. But having been asked to play wide as well, he was caught between a rock and a hard place and in hindsight (that wonderful thing) Gervinho or Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain may have been a better choice, pegging back the opposition.

Song always tends to start games slowly and while many of his passes don't come off, those that do have been telling and if he doesn't try for the less obvious ball, how can we expect to surprise the opposition?

While we can all play Championship manager and wish that the Ox or even Yossi Benayoun was brought on to give us more creativity earlier in the game, Wenger's decisions have got us into a position which we'd still have jumped at a few weeks ago.

Sure, the other results didn't go for us at the weekend and despondency sets in, but a home game against Citeh next Sunday should be rousing. They will feel that they have to win and we need to bounce back while others have a mini-resurgence around us.

We've lost to lowly sides this season as well as big guns, and that is something we need to address, particularly having one or two strong forwards to come on and create mayhem for our opponents.

But all is not lost, Addicts, and the run could not go on forever even if we wanted it to.

Let's hope the team bounce back in style next week - and that Wenger reads a mini riot act to anyone who thinks the job is already done.