Should the Ox start at Wolves tonight?

By Avenell Dave

Unless you're M*nure, when things feel great in football, it has a habit of coming back and biting you in the arse.

Great as the win over Citeh was, Arsene Wenger's biggest challenge this season and others seems to have been in motivating the team for the so-called lesser games.

We drew at home with Wolves, lost away to Blackburn, Swansea and QPR - all games we would be expected to win.

Wolves are fighting for their lives and while a change of management has done nothing to improve their fortunes but they're more than capable of making life difficult for us.

Kevin Doyle may have fallen out of favour but Fletcher is a handful, as he proved at our place earlier in the season, while Karl Henry scares me with his wild tackling and wayward approach to the game.

It seems likely that Andre Santos and Johann Djourou will come in for Kieran Gibbs and Laurent Koscielny but the big questions are further up the field.

Can we afford to change the midfield from the trio who have done so well for us of late? Are Rosicky, Song and Arteta, who have played so often, in the famed 'red zone'.

Song in particular, after Mario Balotelli's crazy scythe, may be feeling the aches and pains and Wenger may well feel the need to make a change.

If he does, while many of you will groan, I can't see what option Le Boss has apart from playing Aaron Ramsey there. It's his best position, one from where he captains Wales and while he has been over played at times, one where he has excelled for large parts of the season.

Wenger then needs to decide on his forward line and with Gervinho injured, it limits his options slightly.

Whatever he chooses, playing Ramsey there to give some cover seems crazy, especially against a team who, while they have talent on the flanks in Kightly and Jarvis, offer very little threat otherwise.

My preference would be for him to retain the same forwards who started against Citeh, because Benayoun works hard and deserves to keep his place.

There is always so much clamour for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and we all know what a fine player he is turning out to be.

I would have no qualms about him starting, but given his easing into the side - which I'm convinced Wenger is doing to ensure we don't see the burnout or hamstring issues or susceptibility to injury that blighted Jack Wilshere this season or has affected Michael Owen and Cesc Fabregas - I would bring him on rather than start him in a game where his young and perhaps fragile limbs may take a beating.

There are very few games where we aren't capable of winning now, but expectation can be toxic and we need to be both patient and clinical.

I'd be shocked if we don't come away with three points this evening but there is no guarantee that this will be the easy game many would like to think it will be.

Addict XI


Sagna Djourou Vermaelen Santos

Rosicky Arteta Song/Ramsey

Walcott RvP Benayoun

What do you think? Who should start against Wolves this evening?