Imagine how we’d feel if Arsenal were 7th after spending £100m?

By Avenell Dave

Anfield has been kind to us over the years – ever since ’89 and all that, it’s become far less of a fortress and far more of a place where, despite the vociferousness of the fans, we can fancy our chances.

The manner of our victory on Saturday will go a long way to removing the cloud of discontent that has followed Arsene Wenger and the club for much of the last couple of years.

If you cannot pummel your opponents, and you can’t expect to do that every game, winning when under so much pressure is the next best thing.

Great sides win when they don’t play well – some would say when they don’t deserve it – and let’s be honest, if it wasn’t for Wojciech Szczesny having one of his best games in an Arsenal shirt, we’d have been dead and buried.

I love the fact that he’s stopped using Twitter, grown his hair and realised he has to knuckle down to be as good as he knows he can be – after what Wenger rightly described as a dodgy January, when every shot seemed to go past him without much resistance.

He got an overwhelming 71% of the vote in the Arsenal MoM poll, which says so much considering RvP’s equally important contribution to the game.

He talked afterwards of not saving the last three penalties he faced, but he more than made up for it with that save against Udinese and the fact that he tends to go the right way underlines the fact that he’s doing something right.

Whatever made the team play so poorly, be it internationals, a general lack of application or whatever, the fact that we stayed disciplined and kept Liverpool out meant we were always in with a chance.

Yes, Liverpool had plenty of chances but they have a woeful scoring record and it says everything you need to know about the media that we keep getting done by bad decisions and still there is no outrage.

Yes, I know AVB has gone this weekend which means the focus is on Ch*vski, but even so, Suarez very clearly dived as did Bale last week and there is no uproar.

The very hint of the Gunners getting fortunate with a decision and “Same old Arsenal, always cheating” rings out in stadia and in the tone of articles by many football commentators.

That said, if Wenger had had the money Kenny Dalglish has had and we were currently seventh in the table, imagine how much criticism and pressure would be put on Wenger and the club.

Liverpool had a great run in the 70s and 80s but they are still a way off being a great team again and the romance that goes with their reputation is just crazy.

It has come to something when us Addicts think it’s been a pretty perfect football weekend and yet M*nure and Citeh still win.

It’s easy to get carried away by our recent results and good luck and we’ve gone a few games unbeaten in the Premier League now, but things can change very quickly, as we well know.

Newcastle won’t be easy but all eyes turn to Milan now – and whether Wenger will stick or twist.

More of that tomorrow.

Let’s just hope our London ‘rivals’ continue to lose games – at least for the next few weeks.