Will today's North London Derby change anything?

By Avenell Dave

Reading the Sunday newspapers this morning, it's impossible to escape one thing.

The love the media now has for T*tt*nh*m H*tsp*r.

Judging by one report I read, only RvP and Jack Wilshere would even threaten to get into the T*tt*nh*m team.

It's all great stuff, building our neighbours up as the best thing since sliced bread even though they've won nothing.

It even goes so far to say that they're now the ones playing the great football and dazzling Europe (didn't they go OUT of the Europa League??).

Does it annoy me? No, it makes me chuckle.

You see, we've been here before.

We've had ups and downs, we've seen T*tt*nh*m have a good spell, most notably in the 1980s when they reached a few FA Cup finals and won the UEFA Cup.

But as I keep saying to anyone who'll listen, class is permanent, form is temporary.

I expect Arsene Wenger can't wait to get to the end of the season and do the rebuilding job necessary to make us competitive again, to get back Jack Wilshere and hopefully never have a defence so riddled with injuries as we have ahd this season.

I know a lot of Addicts who are nervous about today and maybe they have a right to be after our start to the year and in general this season.

No one likes to see irritating upstarts make a lot of noise and then back it up with victory.

Am I confident Arsenal will win this afternoon? No.

I never ever take it for granted even if so many of our young fans now think we deserve to win and compete because of our size and the expectation that has been created since Arsene Wenger took over.

The fact is, I am always desperate to beat T*tt*nh*m but it isn't our cup final, the balance of power will not irrevocably shift and Arsenal will still remain significantly more succcessful and classy than our noisy neighbours.

What is required today and indeed at EVERY Arsenal game is for our fans to make a huge amount of noise getting behind our boys.

We're supporters after all and anything other than raucous cheering is only going to help the opposition.

And they need no encouragament at all.