Is Wenger a master tactician or a strategic sloth?

By Avenell Dave

It almost had to happen, didn't it?

The last minute of the game, neither side having given much quarter and with the Ch*vs losing, a perfect opportunity for us to push ourselves back into the top four.

The fact that it was Thierry Henry's last game of his second spell in the Premier League made the moment even more special and let's hope we see him again next season, if only to help the younger players along.

The first of three tough away games, victory at Sunderland (Pt1) suggests this team may well have turned a corner after their recent malaise. Let's hope so at least.

I was talking to one of my fellow Addicts on Friday, who told me how frustrated he is at the lack of signings and Arsene Wenger's tactican listlessness.

I'll be the first to admit that Le Boss's habit of bringing on players around the 65-70th minutes of games can be predictable, but we only have to look at recent games to see how random the whole substitution game can be.

Much as we all thought Alex the Ox should have stayed on against M*nure, he may well have got injured given it was his first game of such intensity for a while, and that certainly didn't work.

But then if you look at how things went on Saturday, Ramsey and Henry scored with Arshavin setting up the winning goal.

Luck or tactical genius?

People look at the side and say "Coquelin should have played left back allowing Vermaelen to play in the centre" when we were losing games and stretched - even though Coquelin is a midfielder and asking him to play in defence is a challenge at the best of times, let alone on the wrong side.

Look at the way he pushed Alex Song into defence when we're chasing points and needing to go for broke.

Would he make such stretgic changes if he didn't know what he was doing.

There is a long and winding road before the end of the season - T*tt*nh*m and Ch*vski still have to come to us, as does Newcastle, while we have to go to Anfield.

Win all thos games and we'll be in the Champions League next season, lose them and it's going to be a struggle.

AVB only has so much time left before he gets sacked and when he does, Guus Hiddink will push the Ch*vs on.

Is it too much to hope that Saturday was the peak of T*tt*nh*m's season and they slip back into mediocrity again?

The biggest disappointment of Saturday's game was that Per Mertesacker - who I think has been far better than people give him credit for - got injured, and it looks a bad one.

When Santos is back, it's not such a big deal, but right now, we need him to ease the strain on the back four and let's hope he's not out for too long.

A final word about Aaron Ramsey.

He has played far far more games than could ever have been expected at this stage of his career and he's been superb in a lot of them.

If any of you recall how much criticism Wenger got when he didn't replace Patrick Vieira and gave Cesc Fabregas a run in the team. Look how that panned out.

I'm not saying that Ramsey is going to be as good as Cesc, but he has been outstanding for a young guy, showing no fear despite his terrible injury.

He is going to be superb for us in the years to come and the haters should get off his back.