Can you support Arsenal and accept another trophyless season?

By Avenell Dave

I've been supporting Arsenal a long time.

This is the fifth decade that I have been a fan and of course, I still love going every week.

I feel elated when we win, numb when we draw and distraught when we lose. But whatever happens, I love it.

I love Arsenal.

We've drawn our last three Premier League games - that's three points out of a possible nine and leaves us way out of the picture as far as the title is concerned.

Would I rather we'd won one and lost two? Absolutely not.

But I'm becoming more bemused about the apoplectic reaction of fans when we don't win games.

The key issues seem to be ticket prices; injury-prone players such as Abou Diaby and Tomas Rosicky; and wage drains such as Maraoune Chamakh and Sebastien Squillaci.

The club have finally spoken of the tight rein they have had on spending in order to pay of the stadium debt before interest rates rise again and Arsene Wenger has made it clear that he was limited in his spending.

Chamakh, let's not forget, had a fine start to his Arsenal career and did not cost us a transfer fee, which is why his wages are notably bigger, while Squallaci arrived at the end of a transfer window where we had not planned as well as we should have done and he held out for money above what he was undoubtably worth.

It's going to take another season or two to get the squad that we need to be able to properly compete, to rotate without fear of losing games as regularly as we have been doing in recent seasons.

Players like Diaby, for all his world class talent, are a luxury we simply cannot afford. Wenger needs to realise this, but then I said the same about RvP and look how good he was for us in his final 18 months at the club.


We drew at Everton last night, and I don't think there's a better word to describe the game than 'intensity' that Wenger used afterwards.

It was a war without the nasty tackles. We looked good in patches, we stood firm in others when City, M*nure, T*tt*nh*m and the Ch*vs have all lost there recently.

Only the Ch*vs and City  have lost fewer games than Arsenal and while we're a long way off the top, we've also played eight away games.

Of course, we have to start turning draws into wins, but with a dead rubber in the Champions League in Greece next week, the key performers can get the midweek rest that they need if they're not to succumb to serious injury.

I get accused of all sorts of things on here and Twitter.

Of being a Wenger apologist, deluded and far worse.

But much as defeats leave me sore and sad, I don't follow Arsenal to feel miserable and don't think we have a divine right to win trophies just because we had a good run when Wenger first arrived.

Le Boss has shown over the past seven years that with limited resources and having to sell his top talent, he has still made a side who are consistent, even if not trophy winners.

I can think of 85 or more clubs who can only dream of swapping places with us.

We all want to see silverware. We're all desperate for it.

But if we go another decade or more without winning a title or a cup, it won't stop me loving the club.