Should Wenger have rotated against Villa - and big board admission

By Avenell Dave

One things that I've always been proud of as an Arsenal fan is the conduct of our supporters.

On the whole, we're intelligent, considered individuals, or so I thought.

We know that we don't have a divine right to win trophies. We may be frustrated with ticket prices (and some, sadly fall for the 'highest priced ticket' claims by media which don't account for the seven extra games we get each season) but I'd like to think most Arsenal fans worthy of the name understand that without a sugar daddy, we have to balance the books until the new commercial deals come into place.

That started last week with a £30m a year deal with Emirates - and Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis spoke well about the fact that Arsene Wenger has kept the club competitive in difficult curcumstances.

If it was not an admission that Le Boss has had the financial constraints that come with building a half billion pound stadium in the heart of our capital city imposed on him, it wasn't far off.

So to see some of our own 'fans' lambasting our most successful manager after a draw against a Villa team fighting for their lives in awful conditions is nothing short of a disgrace.

Whatever we think of other clubs and other managers - and there are plenty who provoke ire and irritation - come out with accusations about being a paedophile should not be part of football fandom.

It underlines the fact that Twitter and other media have given a voice to the lowest common demoniator of human life - idiots who probably frequent Jeremy Kyle or other such shows that show human life at its worst. They ought to be ashamed, grow up and show respect and a modicum of maturity.

We weren't great against Villa - no one is trying to say that.

A victory would have suggested that we actually do have a squad capable of winning games even when top players are not included.

A draw? Well, less than ideal against a team at the wrong end of the table and fighting for their lives.

Yes, the hosts hit the bar but it was also a great save from Wojciech Szczesny and a clean sheet is something to be pleased about.

Laurent Koscielny had a couple of chances that, had one of them gone in, would have given us a well earned win and Aaron Ramsey, whose treatment by some of the afore-mentioned neanderthals is nothing short of a disgrace, forced a good save from the Villa keeper and was at the heart of trying to make things happen.

Wenger got a lot of criticism for not starting with Jack Wilshere and for withdrawing Olivier Giroud when we were pushing for a goal.

But Jack is only just back from almost a year and a half out of the game and it came to light that he had an ankle knock.

Given Wenger's preference for throwing on forwards when the game is in the balance,  Giroud was tiring, dropping deeper and looked prone to get injured.

Wenger will know that he needs another striker at least (notwithstanding Thierry Henry's possible short term return) and being able to call on another goalscorer may well have tipped a turgid game in our favour.

Everton awaits and with the Toffees doing well, I'm sure Wenger's Saturday selection had the visit to Goodison in mind.

Yet again, one of the biggest winners of the day was Theo Walcott. His pace and form may have made a difference.

Let's hope we use some of the Emirates funds to give him what he wants.