Time for Gooners to stop getting on Arsenal players' backs

By Avenell Dave

Forwards come in all shapes and sizes.

There are those with the gazelle-like speed of Thierry Henry or the touch of a craftsman such as Dennis Bergkamp.

Then there are those who nip at a defender's heels like a terrier or stick out their head or elongated legs like a giraffe on acid.

Where does Gervinho fit into these stereotypes?

The fact is, he doesn't.

In pre-season at Cologne he ran from his own half to score an impressive goal against Cologne and he twisted and turned superbly to fire past Petr Cech at the weekend.

But the Ivorian's problem is that he looks unconvincing. He has none of the grace and poise we have come to expect from Wenger signings, particularly big money buys.

Interestingly, those who sit around me tend to be supportive of him, seeing the value that he brings to the team, but what I read on social media and other Addicts I meet before the games tend to think differently.

The fact is, as I said last week, Gervinho is never going to be the most elegant of footballers, but that doesn't mean he is not to be valued.

Yes, his touch is sometimes off, his decision-making could do with some improvement and his goals to chances ratio leaves something to be desired, but let's get things in context.

His overall stats last season were better than $amir Na$ri's first season with us and he has already scored a number of goals as well as an assist for our second last night.

He never stops running, he draws players towards him because of his pace and willingness to take people on even if he doesn't have quite the genius of a Ronaldo, for instance.

The same goes for Olivier Giroud. People are talking about him as if he has already assumed Chamakh's mantle because he has missed a few chances.

Goodness knows how these spoilt fans with short memories and no shortage of impatience would have thought of Bergkamp or Henry who also took time to adjust to a new league.

Giroud offers us something different. He brings people into the game, is superb in the air and the chances he had last night were again gilt-edged. It will come for him. He doesn't look out of his depth.

It's clear for all to see that Thomas Vermaelen and Laurent Koscielny are not playing well at present.

At 2-1, why is our captain bombing forward when hsi first job should be to protect our lead? As someone pointed out, he is possibly the weakest of our three centre backs and yet as captain it's impossible to drop him.

But when Koscielny went into an Olympiacos player with a crunching tackle, the groans from our own fans made it certain he was to get cautioned - at the very least - which hardly helps our cause.

Arsenal are nowhere near as bad as some fans often make out we are nor world beaters as we all wish to become.

But when anyone is wearing the shirt, we should be proud to have them representing us and get behind them.