Norwich no-show doesn't mean Arsenal are in crisis

By Avenell Dave

There's a phenomenom that marketers and broadcasters have started to catch onto called second screening.

Most people, watching television will have their laptop/smartphone/tablet on at the same time so they can read or view something else, or, in the case of most football fans, contribute to the debate on how their team is performing.

Most of us Addicts who read and write blogs play a part and it's fascinating reading the different interpretations of what is happening.

It's like the world's biggest football stadia, because we've all had those annoying gloom and doom merchants sitting near us who don't have a good word to say about anyone. Ever.

Yes, it's impossible not to be angry, ashamed, frustrated and bemused by Arsenal's woeful peformance against Norwich.

Very few players turned up and it's just typical that of all the teams to suffer from the international break, we have to suffer most.

It was listless, shocking, and there were no crumbs of comfort.

We are now ten points behind Ch*vski in the title race and with two defeats already this season, it's hard to think we're really capable of making a title challenge.

There are no excuses and Arsene Wenger didn't try to make any. We were awful.

After a promising defensive start, we have now gone seven games since we last kept a clean sheet and sides have worked out that keeping Santi Cazorla quiet prevents us from playing our natural game.

But let's get this straight. No one played well and many of the key players who can help us unlock tight defences weren't available.

I suspect Jack Wilshere, Abou Diaby, Theo Walcott and even Tomas Rosicky would have been involved if they were fully match fit and taking that sort of potency out of any side is going to cause problems. 

Even with far greater resources than we currently have, how many players can any club cope with losing?

You could argue that Alex Oxlade-Chamblerlain might have done better than Ramsey but I still believe the Welshman is a fine player. Too much is expected of him and yet he continues to work hard and have a fine influence despite the criticism that comes his way.

I saw a lot of vitriol towards Ramsey and Vito Mannone, who, it must be said, is being punished for every mistake he makes.

It may well be that he is not good enough, but he is our third choice goalkeeper and we have to hope that a refreshed, focused and energized Wojciech Szczesny returns sooner rather than later. 

It's Arsene Wenger's birthday today and I don't imagine he'll feel much like celebrating.

Anyone with a grain of sense can see that having so many senior players out injured is going to create problems, even if our performance was unacceptable.

Is it right to blame the manager? He has to take responsibility and I didn't see him duck it when questioned.

If we continue to play as we did on Saturday, we'll be in trouble, but let's see how the next few games go, get behind the team and the manager.

It's very easy to snarl and moan - we're all feeling the pain - but does it really do any good to talk of crisis, of the manager leaving and of wholesale changes after one piss poor performance?