Did Villa show the best and worst of Arsenal and its fans?

By Avenell Dave

It's easy to get disheartened when you've watched your team dominate a game and still find themselves two goals down at half time.

And so it was that all the constant frustration and simmering fury amongst such a strong vocal minority at the stadium yesterday came flooding out again.

Reading Twitter during the interval, frustrated as I was, you'd have thought we continued to languish in the bottom five, not the top five.

Yes, we've been on a bad run and yes, we need new players, a creator and a striker at the very least.

But to read the vitriol against Arsene Wenger, you wonder why he puts up with it.

He has nothing to prove, no need to convince anyone of his talents.

He may not have won a trophy in the last few years and he may not be perfect - no one is - but I suspect any other manager given the same constraints would have fared far worse given the level of expectation his early Arsenal career created.

I got irritated by Tomas Rosicky, with his step-overs and flicks that come to nothing, butu he got better as the game wore on, and as expected, while he was impressive in long spells, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain can do no wrong.

The kid is exciting but we had the same level of anticipation with Theo Walcott and it can be stifling.

While Project youth may be almost forgotten now, it was ironic that two of his younger players took the game by the scruff of the neck and won it for us.

I cannot believe some of the abuse Aaron Ramsey gets. he puts in a shift every game, is playing far more than he should do and is still fighting every match.

Yes, he had a stinker against Swansea but everyone has bad days and the way he chased and harried and used the sublime skill of his to open the game up deserves a lot of credit.

Theo is a player typical of the game - determined but ineffectual for much of the first half and decisive in the second.

He frsutrates a lot of us, who wonder why he is not pushing on and using more than just pace to beat players, but he continues to put the effort in and the rewards we got in the second half were there for all to see.

Of course, one win does not make the team world beaters again and we still have plenty to do to re-establish ourselves as a title-chasing and trophy-winning team.

Having Bacary Sagna back takes the pressure off the defence a bit and gives us an extra option in Coquelin in midfield and that ahs to be another positive.

Bolton away in midweek is going to be tricky in the extreme, but at least on Sunday we put in a second half that proved we wanted to win and that the players were proud of wearing the red and white.

We need to do that every game but then, wouldn't it be nice to hear the fans get behind the team with that deafening support from the start.

Professionals or not, it does make a difference when the fans GET BEHIND THE TEAM WE SUPPORT.