Is it time to think the unthinkable - will THFC finish above Arsenal?

By Avenell Dave

Call it arrogance, confidence, history...I've been quite happy to make bets with T*tt*nh*m fans who expect their team to finish above us this season.

Hell, even Arsenal fans at the start of the season (shame on them!) thought we'd finish mid-table.


After a terrible start, we looked to have got our mojo back but the last five games have underlined how a lack of further investment is hurting us. We simply don't have the squad to cope.

We can point to the fact that since Wenger carelessly played Santos in Greece, losing him for three months in the process, we have been cobbling together a back four and lacked all the balance we require in order to play our natural game.

But we have lacked a killer instinct when RvP doesn't score (and every lame result like this makes his departure more likely this summer) but the fact remains that we don't have enough quality in reserve.

Just as we have seen so many times before, we get an early goal and then fail to capitalise.

It's almost not worth getting exited about going ahead anymore.

The fact that we were outpassed and outplayed for large periods of the game say it all and a word of congratulations has to go to Swansea who fully deserved their victory and are a credit for the way they play the game.

But the lack of fight and defensive shambles - including the goalkeeper - gives Arsene Wenger a real headache with M*nure coming up next week.

Without Arteta in midfield, Ramsey and Song have to make the most of possession and they both had off days. Song's passing was woeful, Ramsey's awareness equally poor and we don't have enough quality replacements capable of digging us out of a hole.

Goal apart, Theo Walcott was anonymous and Andrey Arshavin had the sort of game we have come to expect of him, looking as if he doesn't care and failing to put in the effort we require from a winger representing our club.

What was required straight after the Fulham game was to make moves to sell Arshavin and use the cash to bring in some quality that can lift the team and give us a spark - and we cannot simply expect Thierry Henry to do that every week at his age.

But as I said yesterday, one look at the market shows how flat it is and who knows what is going on behind the scenes. Just because we have cash, should we over pay for someone who may or may not improve us?

Arsenal have never panic-bought players and I don't think they will now, even with fourth place and Champions League football looking tricky.

When T*tt*nh*m need to bring on players, Defoe and Pavluchenko give them something different and they don't even use Kranjcar and Pienaar who would certainly get into our squad.

There is still a long way to go, plenty of time to make up the points and however dispiriting it is to see the team lose so carelessly once again, we have to get behind whoever puts on the red and white jersey.

There is work to do, for sure, but I'm sure Wenger knows that better than anyone.