The reason Arsenal aren't making big signings...and beware Welsh wizards

By Avenell Dave

How many big transfers have taken place this transfer window?

Carlos Tevez, a pariah at Citeh after falling out of love with the club, has not signed for anyone else yet with all parties wanting him to move on.

Gary Cahill, for a whopping £7m, is about to sign for Ch*vski even though the clubs agreed a fee some time ago.

Who else of any note has moved? The short answer is that hardly any big transfers have happened.

On the one hand, you can point to the recession and the need for most clubs (perhaps Citeh apart) to get the best possible value for money for their assets.

But with some clubs - including Arsenal - having shortcomings which need addressing, the fact that so few deals are being done suggests that the increasingly complicated nature of transfers because of agents, third parties, sponsors as well as increased player demands make deals that much harder to complete.

It's no wonder the likes of Thierry Henry and Paul Scholes are making comebacks with quality players so short in supply.

Do Arsenal need a full back? Probably they do for a few weeks, but that becomes a big investment for a short term return and even though the short term is all anyone can think about, there has to be some common sense applied.

More importantly, we need a striker, but they are few and far between and Wenger knows, especially with RvP coming to a critical point in his current contract, that his next striker signing much be more Henry/Anelka and less Jeffers/Chamakh.

It is a critical signing, one which will undoubtedly cost a premium and he absolutely has to get it right.

I cannot believe how many fans are criticising the club or Wenger for not yet making si signing when the market has been so flat for everyone.

I suspect anything less than three points this afternoon will provoke equal ire from a vocal minority and it's something which Wenger's raised expectations simply have to accept now.

Swansea are a good side, regardless of their position.

They lost at Emirates simply because of a goalkeeping error but have never conceded more than one goal at home.

Their passing game is in the top four in terms of number of passes and those completed this season, and while many of them are in their own half, they are going to be a tough nut to crack.

Will Thierry Henry start the game? If Monday is anything to go by, I doubt it, but let's hope he has a similar impact when he comes off the bench.

Given that we find clean sheets hard to come by, especially with a patched-up defence, can we expect much more than a draw? Let's hope so, but with Mikel Arteta said to be out and Per Mertesacker ill, it's going to be a tough task this afternoon.

Addict XI


Djourou Koscielny Mertesacker Miquel

Ramsey Song Rosicky

Walcott RvP Benayoun

Who do you think should start for Arsenal this afternoon?