VaVaBoom! But will Henry's return be good or bad for Arsenal?

By Avenell Dave

Did anyone who attended the statue unveiling last month wonder if we'd actually ever see Thierry Henry in an Arsenal shirt again?

Of course we should have seen Henry in an Arsenal shirt last summer during the Emirates Cup, but he wasn't allowed to switch sides by a spoilsport referee.

It was written in the stars that he would come on and score the winning goal last night, wasn't it?

With the game drifting to a frustrating and unhelpful draw, his match-winning cameo capped one of the great nights at our new stadium.

What I like about Henry now is that he is honest enough to admit that he can be difficult and is trying to address that.

We all know that he almost becamse too big for his boots towards the end of his time at the Club, because he saw himself more than first amongst equals.

The concept of team had evaporated and everything had to go through him even when his body had started to betray him.

But, having met him a few times, I can tell you that Henry was like that with everyone. A brooding, awkward individual lacking the VaVa Voom that typified his smiling, joie de vivre image through commercials and sensational goals.

People may think that he and Arsene Wenger have a close, father and son relationship but I don't think it's always like that.

Interestingly, when Henry was lauded by the Football Writers' Association last January, Wenger didn't even attend, provoking surprise in Henry's speech, but betraying Wenger's thinking about his greatest ever signing.

What we saw last night was the fan that is Henry celebrating as one of us would if we got the chance to achieve such a feat.

He hugged Wenger after scoring and was amiable and approachable during the press interviews after the game, something that wasn't always the case.

But ensuring that Henry did not upset the dressing room is vital, even for the short period he is with the team.

There are so many benefits to having him at the Club.

Think of how much the likes of Benik Afobe could learn from him if the youngster is fit enough to take part in full training and even wingers such as Ryo and Theo Walcott.

And with the two Africans away, we needed someone who could come in and wouldn't need to convince the somewhat impatient Emirates crowd.

His legs may not be as strong or as powerful as they once were, but the mind remains fully focused but even last night, we saw his glare when things did not come off.

It's important not to expect too much of Titi during this second spell and it shouldn't hide the fact that Chamakh was again woeful, however hard he tries.

Whether Henry stays six weeks or six months, we need more firepower to start converting the chances we regularly make.

Let's hope Henry continues to provide us with more magical memories, but his presence only serves to underline the importance of bringing in new blood to spread the goalscoring load.